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“Canning everything but the Cat”– How to Pressure Can Chicken and Turkey……

So how did you do yesterday? I want to encourage you, if you have not read yesterday's post on how to pressure can beef of different types, or the basics on pressure canning, PLEASE head over there and check it out by clicking HERE FOR DAY ONE. Today we are going to talk about how [...]

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Canning Everything But the Cat—a mini-series on Canning Meat for Frugality and Convenience…

  Well, I promised you I would do it, and so here I am! Despite the pleading of one dear particular friend who for some reason is determined to see me do a video, I am here today, blogging, to set before you a week of learning how to do one of the easiest things [...]

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Waste Not, Want Not………the Many ways to use up an ear of Corn……..

   Garden season is in high swing around here in the balmy North. Although I have not gotten much produce yet from my own gardens, I have been seriously spending my time canning up what I can get, and filling our pantry for the coming year.    I have noticed two things lately that keep [...]

A Productive Day

   Good morning, everyone!    I have had a rather busy Monday, which is why I did not post yesterday. I knew you were all still absorbing information from the last series we did on growing herbs, and I had a few things to take care of yesterday, even while dealing with a cold.    [...]

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Making Do without Missing A Thing—Jars of Pure Gold–week four

   Hi everyone! Man, am I sorry to have just dropped off the radar like that, and make you wait for the next post for so long. Please forgive me! We had company for my husband's birthday, and then Valentine's day and things just kept happening to keep me from posting. Thanks for sticking with [...]

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Making Do Without Missing A Thing–Jars of Pure Gold-Week Four

If you are just joining us this week here at the Welcoming House, and are wondering just how far you need to go back to read more on the series, please click on the links following that interest you: Week One--Master Mixes and saving money on convenience foods (4 posts) Week Two--Meal Planning, anticipating grocery [...]

Making Do Without Missing A Thing–Six Kitchen Appliances that will put CASH back in your pocket–week three

   If you are serious about saving some serious money off of your grocery bill , then this next post is for you. You see, I am an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and tend to throw myself whole-heartedly into things that I have a passion for. Ha ha! Digging the apron!    I am no [...]

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