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Simple Cinnamon Coffee Cake–perfect for those Fall mornings!

Good Morning! Have you ever been on Facebook and have seen an absolutely delicious recipe come through your news feed, with everything written out encouraging you to "share it to your timeline so you save it for later"? Many of us have, and as a page owner over there, I have been guilty of posting [...]

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My Top Five Baking Recipes for Fall here at The Welcoming House…

Good morning! I woke up this morning to a distinct chill in the air, enough to give me a little bit of that early fall wake up shock when my bare feet hit the wood floor of the dining room. You see, we don't turn on our heat (a.k,a, fire up the wood stove) until [...]

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Simply a Snap Applesauce!

Ah, September..... Arguably my very favorite month of the year. September means the leaves begin to change.... the harvest begins to stack up in beautiful jars in the pantry.... I can sit on the deck with a steaming cup of coffee and a long sleeve shirt.... the rows of corn grow pale and golden across [...]

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Spiced Apple Oatmeal Bread—Simple Saturday Pleasures

What a wonderful morning this is, right? Today the air is just a little cool, with a hint of the crispness that fall is going to bring in a few weeks. Steam rises from my cup of coffee as I sit on the back deck, overlooking the garden that is plum full of good stuff [...]

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Simple Saturday Pleasures—Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls (with endless variations)

Good morning to you! After a long evening at the fair with my totally awesome kids and husband, where I got to try my first funnel cake EVER, and watch an amazing rodeo... I am glad to be home this morning, kicking up in my jammies, and eating an Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll.   If [...]

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Back to the Basics—the Five Baking Master Mixes I Can’t Live Without….

 Good Morning, everyone!   Do you know how much fun I am having blogging about this little series? There is just something about being able to share something you are passionate about with wonderful readers who love to comment and share what they are learning, either here or over on the Welcoming House Facebook Page! [...]

Back to the Basics—From Scratch Cooking Can Actually Be a Time Saver!

Good morning, everyone! I am excited about the series that we are starting. Really excited. Why? Because I love to teach people how to save money on their groceries. Actually, I love to teach people how to save money on just about everything, which is why I am constantly posting things I have found or [...]

Simple Saturday Pleasures: Orange Cranberry Breakfast Bread

Good morning everyone,  and Happy Saturday to you! This morning I am starting a new tradition for Saturdays, and that will be sharing some sort of recipe with you every Saturday that uses my Wonder Mill! Now, while some of you may think that using my Wonder Mill may only be for baked goods, I [...]

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Jam—Ten Things To Use it For You Would Never Have Thought Of!

Ah........Jam.  Whether you are talking about the common grape jam that is lurking in everyone's cupboards, or the less common jams using herbs, it is easy for us to fall into the habit of thinking that jam is only good for one thing.On toast.But the reason I put up so many jars of jam a [...]

Blueberry Vanilla Jam–When Life is Sweet, Make Jam, Day 3

Good morning to you all! I don't know about you, but boy is this week just cruising on by! Lovely summer days here in Minnesota are all gone far too quickly! But with a wonderful jar of jam to open throughout the year and use, summer is only one twist of a lid away no [...]



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