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2 weeks and 1 Year….what they have in common

I had to take a break from writing this last couple weeks as we walked through some new challenges here on this side of the screen. Long story short, my oldest daughter has turned out to have a heart condition, and my mother requires surgery next Wednesday. Two weeks ago we were waiting in a [...]

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Choose to Dance…

I have long desired to make sure that my children grow up with a positive, encouraging attitude, and remember that even when things get tough, family not only sticks together, but makes the best of it. :D So in our family, we have a strange, but VERY fun tradition. :D We turn the kitchen into [...]

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When Heroes Rise Up…..

I have a new hero today, and one whose recovery I will be following closely over the next few weeks. It is this man, Chris Mintz, who in the midst of a shooting rampage at his local college, decided that nothing was going to stop him from taking down the shooter. He lived this out, [...]

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WW3 and April 1st….

Its here. April 1st. and WW3. No kidding. You see, in our house, an ongoing war rages every year on this day between this innocent face.... and this innocent (enough) face. Two years ago an enthusiastic 13 year old who had just heard of April Fools' Day pulled a fabulous trick on her father....and started [...]

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When Life Throws a Curve Ball….Never. Lose. Hope.

Oh, my dear readers. How often I have wanted to sit down the last three months and tell you what was on my heart. I am in a different house. In a different state. The transition was.....well, horrific, to be honest. Heart wrenching, life changing, horrific. But now that my life has resumed a somewhat [...]

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Between Two Worlds…

We went to a wedding on Saturday and as I sat in the crowd during reception, I looked around the room. Faces upon faces of people we have been blessed to know for over ten years. It would have been 11 years in April that we have been down here in the prairies of Minnesota. [...]

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Where is God when it IS more than I can handle?

First of all, let me say as a preface that this post is not directed at anyone in particular. SO many of your beautiful notes of encouragement and emails of concern and prayers made my day a couple days ago. But they also sparked something in my heart that I want to write to you about [...]

Sometimes Miracles Really DO Happen… Part 2 of Anna’s story…

SO if you are just joining me this morning, and have not been able to read the first part of our story through our oldest daughter's brain surgery and walking through it, then please, go there first. I wanted to say that miracles do happen. They do. It is hard sometimes when you are in [...]

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When You Face the Thing you FEAR the most…

Dear, sweet readers... Now that we are a week out from the surgery, I felt I could take enough time to breathe and share with you a part of the story we have been going through the last six months or so. So many of you have been so gracious and encouraging as we have [...]

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One Day at a Time…Why Resolutions can CRIPPLE you…

I am a list lover. I love seeing it written out, right in front of me, the things that need to be accomplished for the day. I started writing lists in college, with a double major, job, and college life, I knew I needed to keep track of it somehow. Every night before bed I [...]

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