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Blowing a Kiss to 2013…(and the 20 lessons it taught me…)

The minutes tick slowly by. The Christmas tree sits in the corner of the room, its splendor forgotten, and its light dim as the old year wanes and the New Year draws close. Its always a bittersweet celebration for me. Each year has been filled with joy and laughter, trials and tears, but this one has [...]

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If you are a Mom who wants to be home….you SHOULD read this book!

Today I am reviewing a book by my friend, Jill, who heads up the blog Called To Be a Mom! She very recently put our her very first E-book on how to make things work financially so that you CAN be at home with your children, as so many of my readers desire to be. [...]

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Unwrapping the Gift—A Book to Herald the Season!

A lot of wonderful firsts happening here right on this post today, and I am so thrilled to share them with you right now. First of all, it is December 1st. It is the first Book Promotion I have been blessed to do on the New House Blog, and the first that I have been [...]

Deeper, Stronger, and Still Thankful…a guest post by Christine of Treasures and Pastimes…

Today's guest poster is near and dear to my heart. Last year, I watched as this dear friend struggle through a Thanksgiving and Christmas alone, with four small children (including her precious littlest one who was very very small), I constantly prayed the Lord would bring her peace, restore her happiness, protect the hearts and [...]

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Good Morning everyone! Since I was so AWESOMELY ahead of myself yesterday and posted my AWESOME guest poster Erica B0lton a day early, I really debated this morning on whether I should put up a post or not (she is a hard act to follow after all--did you laugh as hard as I did at [...]

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Gratitude in the Multitude—“Be Our Guest Poster” Monday with Jill Wilson of Called to be a Mom Blog!

I am thrilled this morning, on our very first morning on the new blog, to have you meet my good friend, Jill, who authors an amazing new blog over at Called to be a Mom. She is ambitious, loving, friendly and fun, and owns and operates her own business selling personal products right here! Please [...]

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“I’m Gonna Have Fun…”

This was sent to me from a good friend, Diana, and really spoke to my heart this morning. Since it goes along with my Thread of Thankfulness, I am posting it.  Hope it encourages you as it did me......... There once was a man named George Thomas, preacher in a small Texas town. One Sunday [...]

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When It Rains, It Pours……But there is Always a Silver Lining…

Good  morning to you all. I decided that even though I wanted to hide in a closet eating cookies and waiting out the week since it started so horribly yesterday, I knew that I needed to get on here and post and tell you about my MONSTER Monday. :) As many of you know, my [...]

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Homesteading is NOT always Sunshine and Roses…..

It is with a heavy heart I come to write this this morning, dear readers.  This morning when I went out to do rabbit chores, I found the garage door wide open, and seven of our nine baby rabbits (grow outs) dead in their cage.  It was a horrific sight, and especially for someone who [...]

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Thoughtful Thursday–Heartbreaking and Forgotten

Good Morning to you!   For those awesome readers who do not like it when I wax political or "dooms-dayish" then today is most likely a day you want to skip over, or at very least skim over and move on to the recipes or something. Because I am deeply, incredibly disturbed by something going [...]

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