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5 days, 5 skills….Day Three: Be true….Through and Through….

Good morning to you!So far this week we have covered two of our personal codes that we try to live by here at The Welcoming House: Balance is Beautiful, and Work Smart before Working Hard. The Handy Hubby and I brainstormed over this series a couple days ago, and found that we almost couldn't fit [...]

5 Days, 5 Skills, to a Welcoming House Life….Day One: Balance is Beautiful….

Good morning to you! I wanted to use this week to address something that I see often asked in emails or comments from many readers, when I do a simple post that uses hand skills, or repurposing something. That question is: "What are some of the most important skills you value, and why?" Oy. Talk [...]

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Living a Full-Circle Life…Fabulously Frugal Friday. post

Last night, as I was standing in the rabbitry,  feeding baby rabbits dandelion leaves, I realized I was deeply, fully, peacefully happy. And while to you that may not be a revelation, because sometimes things come out through my writing that I don't see myself, but it was almost a shock to my system.   [...]

When the Red Flags start waving…..

Good morning. Today's Make-It-Yourself Monday post has been shoved out of the way for something that is much MUCH more important that we need to talk about. Now before you get too far into today's post   I feel like I need to be very clear about a couple things. One, I am not Mormon.  [...]

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Are you Broken yet?

Today is the National Day of Prayer, a day we, as believers in Jesus, come together collectively and pray for our nation, our leaders, and the direction our country is going. We pray for our military, for those making laws and rules. We pray for our judicial system as they are facing more and more [...]

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Breathing Grace while under Fire………..

"Grace must pick a side in the light of day, not just whisper its opinion in the shadows and dark places where we sign our name Anonymous. Grace is strong. Grace is a shield to those who cannot get off the battlefield. Grace is God's idea."  Michael Cheshire This quote has been gnawing at my [...]

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Welcoming Wednesday #7—its a Linky Party!!!

Good morning! Its that wonderful time of the week that  so many of you look forward to--   I really hope you share with your friends, and get them over here, because everyone that wins "featured Blogger of the Week" will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Amazon [...]

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What true love really LOOKS Like…..A Valentine Love story in a few words, and some pictures…

To be honest, its kinda a sucky Valentines Day from the view from the couch. I was trying, really really trying this morning, to find the silver lining on a dark cloud that has kind of taken over my current existence. It is a cloud filled with regret, lots of pain, and irritation at being [...]

Thoughtful Thursday—Transparency can be rough sometimes…

I have literally known for almost 24 hours that I needed to write this blog post. Really. I just rock at procrastination. Of course, in reality, I am also struggling with finally starting to feel halfway normal, dealing with kids just healthy enough to be hitting the terrible two stage today, lots of dishes, laundry [...]

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Ten Life Lessons that having the Flu will teach you….

Yep. This post is all about the things that the FLU will teach you. Its not about how to heal yourself, make yourself a miraculous syrup from elderberries that will keep the flu from your door, or a fool-proof way to stop your children from looking at you one minute and then vomiting on your [...]