Its that time of the week again! Welcome to THURSDAY and our PINTASTIC PINTERESTING PARTY!!!

Welcome back to our party. We are pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us. We would love for you to follow the hosts on Pinterest Adelien at Blessed Learners Heather at the Welcoming House Blog Jill at Called To Be A Mom Regina [...]

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When you Lock yourself out of your own blog….*sigh*

Yep. I did it. Just what the title says. I actually managed to lock myself out of my own blog for a full week, before humbly crawling to my tech team, who were on vacation up north no less, and ask for help. Even that didn't help for a couple days as I struggled with [...]

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Just when you THINK it is THursday….is when you realize it is FRIDAY—and its PAST time to LINK UP!

Yeah, so lets not talk about how MY week has gone....about sick me, or sick kids, or how I woke up this morning thinking it was yesterday. Lets not talk about how my husband is still shaking his head at me and laughing, or how I feel like somehow one of my days just got [...]

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Why I wont be posting as much for a short time….

Good morning everyone! I wanted to keep everyone in the loop as to what is happening here on this side of the screen and tell you about why I have been fighting to keep the posts coming the last week. We have quite a disruption happening in our home in the next two weeks, and [...]

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5 Simple ways to Keep the Love Alive in Your Marriage….from someone who has been to the broken side and back

You know, one of the tough things about blogging for me is simply being transparent. While I am a fun loving gal on this side of the screen, I do not like being vulnerable, and I especially dont like digging up things that bring sad feelings instead of happy ones. However, I dont know about [...]

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SO Many Beautiful Projects for the Sweethearts in Your Life…

SO many of you have sent me messages the last couple days wondering if we are doing ok and if I am still writing. I have to beg your forgiveness simply because we have had SO many things going on around here, that when combined with my computer issues, have made it difficult at best [...]

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New Year, New Skill–Simple Kitchen projects for your new sewing skills!

I don't know about you, but seriously, being caught with a hot pan that needs to come out of the oven, and not being able to find a SINGLE POT HOLDER OF THE MANY I OWN is a rather frustrating place to be. Many years ago, women used their thick aprons, towels folded up, etc, [...]

5 lbs…ONE jar….5 meals—its Food Storage Saturday!

When it comes to food storage the first thing most people think about are buckets of grains, or cases of cans sitting on a shelf. Sometimes it is big boxes of dry milk, or even for some folks they think about the crazy people pushing giant carts loaded with hundreds of pounds of food around [...]

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A New Year and Time to PARTY!

Let's party!! One of my favorite things about the new year is that ALL THINGS get a fresh start, a new beginning, with new promise and new hope, and new delights! And I am DELIGHTED to share with you The Welcoming House (and partners') NEWEST delight, created just for you! Every Thursday we are having: [...]

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Its a Deliciously Delightful HomeSpun Giveaway, with Mandy of Pieh’s Preserves!

I am SO blessed and SO EXCITED to share this giveaway with you today! Mandy is not just a dear friend, she is family. And that is some pretty special stuff that she makes and sells at Pieh's Preserves. Exotic, yet Delicious. Tastes from places you would never have been to. Because Mandy is from [...]

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