Why we stop the car for this Little Red Clover head..

Foraging. Wow, is that a word with a lot of meanings to it or what? I know when I used to think of the word "foraging" it sounded suspiciously like the word RUMMAGING...as in rummaging through a dumpster looking for food. Or perhaps the word RAVAGING..you know like a ravaging horde that destroys everything, leaving [...]

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Using Plantain for bug bites…….Simple Herbal Remedies Day One

Good Monday Morning to you! I hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was full of time with kids, time with friends, and lots of fun, so we are starting this week off on a good vibe here around The Welcoming House. And what a wonderful week we have ahead of here on the Blog! This [...]

Sunshine in a Jar—making Dandelion Jelly!

Good morning! Sorry I have been MIA lately, but with the rush of Spring/Summer around here, I have been desperately trying to get so many things done that we had to wait on with the late cold weather! Today, however, I am going to share with you one of my favorite things to make this [...]

The Launching of Growing Your Own Medicine….my second EBook is available!

Here it is, at long last, the SECOND Ebook from The Welcoming House. based off of the AMAZINGLY popular series, Growing Your Own Medicine, which was the top trending series of 2012, this book has MORE herbs, MORE advice, MORE ways to use, and grow herbs than that series covered. Many of you joined the [...]

Top 5 Series Posts for 2012—this is ONE post you simply dont want to miss. :)

One of my favorite things about writing is being able to extend an idea onto paper, and then flesh it out, filling it with information that helps, teaches, and shows others how easy some things are to do with a little help. Above and beyond many of the posts I have written this last year, [...]

Time for a cup of Tea? Or a dose of medicine? All about drying your own herbs…

Do you like to cook?    Or how about drinking a cup of tea? source credit    Do you like to use natural cleaners?    Do you look for healthy alternatives to using tons of over the counter medications to keep your family healthy? If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, [...]

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Waste Not, Want Not………the Many ways to use up an ear of Corn……..

   Garden season is in high swing around here in the balmy North. Although I have not gotten much produce yet from my own gardens, I have been seriously spending my time canning up what I can get, and filling our pantry for the coming year.    I have noticed two things lately that keep [...]



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