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Gentle Essential Oil Cleaner for Old Wood

One of the things about living in a 120 year old learn that it takes a good amount of time and energy to upkeep. Finding an effective, simple, and gently recipe to take care of the gorgeous wood around this house has taken time...and some experimenting. However, I love having a cleaner that not [...]

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Boosting Your Immune and Respiratory System….

Did you know that there are many common sense ways to support your immune system and your respiratory system through the colder months? This is an area our family has learned a lot on the last few years, and I am always passionate about sharing it with others who might be where we were back [...]

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When you KNOW what’s coming….

As the long warm days of summer pass and the shorter, crisper days of Fall greet me each morning, I am reminded that all too soon we will be watching carefully who comes into our home, staying at home when we are struggling with illnesses, and considering carefully how much exposure to illness we will [...]

Ditch Every Chemical Cleaner in your house with ONE product…..

Its true. A year ago I would probably have laughed at you if you had told me I could get rid of things like Bleach, and Lysol spray, and be content that my house was actually clean. I would have laughed harder if you told me I could not only clean my shower, but my [...]

Make Your Own Flavored Coffee Grounds for a Fraction of the Price!

Guess what? It is the start of a brand new year AND a new year of our.. And on a wonderful spin off from last year's incredibly popular post (over 500 hits in ONE DAY) on DIY coffee Syrups, our super popular post on DIY powdered coffee creamers, and with a whole new spin for those [...]

Make It Yourself Monday–Why I Ditched Febreeze…and Made Something Better!

Not just better. Healthier. Natural, not chemical. Just to give you a heads up....if you are using Febreeze, every time you spray that bottle, you are filling your house with neurotoxins and lots and lots of other nasties. All for the sake of couches that smell fresh and clean. Or curtains that convince us that [...]

26 seconds to Catastrophic Illness….and How to Avoid it.

Wow. I know that headline is rather head spinning, but with what I learned last night at a fabulous natural cleaning and beauty products class, I felt it was very very appropriate. Health and Wellness are very very important to me, as many of you know from reading and following this blog the last three [...]

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Choosing The Right Door….Wellness Wednesday

Let's play a little pretend game for a moment. You are sick. Very sick. You wake up every morning exhausted, and irritable. You absolutely have to have a cup of coffee to go anywhere or act anything human-ish. You rush through your day with your stomach hurting and your back aching... your kidneys hurting because [...]

Make-It-Yourself Monday is Back—-how to make a “Boo-Boo Bag” for new moms!

Good morning to you! What a lovely weekend it was around the Welcoming House! Spring has finally Sprung, and with that has come kittens, and baby bunnies, and lots of t-shirt and shorts kinda weather. We went from crazy snow just a week ago to the mid 70's this weekend, and the kiddos at the [...]

Rich and Moisturizing Lotion in three easy steps…Make It Yourself Monday…

Welcome to Make It Yourself Monday here at The Welcoming House. I am already on cup two, and wondering how much more  it is going to take before I actually wake up today! I am very excited about today's post, and love this recipe, so I hope to hear a lot of good feedback from [...]

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