Good morning Everyone!!!
I just thought I would drop in briefly and let you know how things are going in the Real Welcoming House this week as I have taken a short hiatus to get some things in order.
First, it is early Spring outside, with snow melting, hope blossoming, me planting my seed tapes and seedlings and praying over them….
The liquid sound of water dripping and running into pools, carrying the last of the leaves from fall in circles…….
Small children begging to go out and play, but wanting to do it without their coats on…
Me planning, and replanning, and replanning the upcoming garden and projects
for the Welcoming House in real life.
Yep, if we have 36 hour days, we will get ‘er done, as the Handy Hubby says.
And what have the Littles been up to this week? well, SOMEONE tipped them off that Saturday is their birthday and so every morning they come to me and ask how many days until their birthday.
Is it “Free, Mamma? Five, Mamma? Eleven, Mamma?
Will there be hats? And ballooms? And a party?
Will there be rainbows?
(say what? rainbows?)
Well yeah, I guess there will be since we are making a rainbow cake, but how did you know??
download July 2012 013
Hard to believe my Littles are only one day away from being three, that lovely  threshold that is the difference between being independent and not, inhabited with imaginary people and colored with delight. Where they simply say what they think  ( “are you pregnant??” ), and a boo-boo is healed with a kiss from their moms. It means tea parties with their stuffies, and jumping in the puddles.
Its a fun and beautiful age, and I can’t wait.
 Those tea parties rock.
But Spring also brings with it a new phase again, this year. We have finally made the decision to move forward and adopt a small sibling set from the foster care system. The journey with our other birth mom was painful, tough, emotional, and brought me to the lowest depth I had every known, clearly revealed the deepest parts of who I am inside and shook me to my core. I was sure after that experience that I was done, forever, with adopting, but soon learned that my plans and God’s plans are often different. His are ALWAYS the best, and if I just let go and head along for the ride, then I am definitely the better for it.
After a lot of prayer and searching, we stepped forward and made the decision.
But that decision comes with some big changes as well.
With my littles turning three and needing me even more,
with my Big heading into a time with school where I am called on to help her more and more,
and possibly with adding more children to our home,
there might be a time when the Welcoming House has to take some time off to return to real life and plunge in feet first into helping life run smoothly.
And that carries a lot of heartache for me, because I love the writing, and puttering, and sharing, and taking pics. I love reading your comments,
and talking with you about how to be frugal and fabulous at the same time.
This is not an ending, but a beginning, as we walk through this again, and will share as much with you as we can about life here at the real Welcoming House.
We will be keeping up as much as possible, with the traditions we have set. If I miss a couple days, no worries, I will be back and hosting, sharing, and posting.
We have a lot happening this Spring with breeding rabbits, gardening, remodeling a house to get ready for new additions, and I could go on and on.
For now, the next few weeks will for sure have our Welcoming Wednesday Linky Parties, and a couple other posts a week, so I encourage you to keep checking back or sign up for our updates so they come straight to your email box.
And thank you for being such wonderful readers and friends.
See you on Monday…
Many Blessings to you and yours,