I have long desired to make sure that my children grow up with a positive, encouraging attitude, and remember that even when things get tough, family not only sticks together, but makes the best of it. 😀

So in our family, we have a strange, but VERY fun tradition. 😀

We turn the kitchen into a dance palace.

Yeah, you heard that right.

I KNOW you thought our family was crazy before, but I bet you really do now. *wink*

I want them to see that mom can be silly too, and not only that, but that having fun is part of dealing with everyday life. So every Monday morning when the week begins and we all face the reality of work, and tasks ahead, we face it with fun. 😀

My oldest daughter’s personal favorite is turning up Toby Mac until it shakes the windows (and lets be honest, if I want the teen to participate, choosing her music works wayyyyyy better), while my Littles will always choose something like Praise Jam, or whatever. I just go with the flow and pray the neighbors are already at work and not wondering what the heck the new family on the block is doing in their kitchen.

As the years have passed I find that this tradition has become one of my favorites…and totally impacted my kids. They have NO PROBLEM jamming out when they hear music they love, even the teen, and have often been heard over the years to say to me: “Mom, we need a dance party RIGHT NOW!”

(read that as, “Mom, you are grumpy and we need to dance it out of you without killing you.”)

So while I COULD have talked about the stock market crashing, or the price of crude oil, or shared a recipe. I could have told you to make sure you have tons of food storage going on right now, or asked how many of you are starting seeds for the planting time ahead.

I will do all that in the future, but not today.

You see, today I want to remind you.

Strength shows in what you do when things get tough. Do you let yourself get caught up in those daily downers?

Or do you smile in the face of adversity, close your eyes, listen to the music playing in your soul, and let it go?

We choose to dance.

We hope you do too.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

Proverb 17:22