Let’s play a little pretend game for a moment.

You are sick. Very sick. You wake up every morning exhausted, and irritable. You absolutely have to have a cup of coffee to go anywhere or act anything human-ish. You rush through your day with your stomach hurting and your back aching… your kidneys hurting because you dont drink enough water.

The only way you could run a mile is if something was chasing you that was going to eat you, otherwise you might simply die from the excercise.

You dont have time for dinner, but you do have time to grab a bag of chips or a granola bar. You have a headache constantly, and are constantly trying to ignore it or work through it.

You have had dry skin for a very long while, and tried every lotion on the market but simply have learned to deal with it.

You know that you have to stop doing things the way you are doing them but you have absolutely no idea where to start. So you call up your local clinic and they tell you that you can choose one of two doctors to visit, both of whom are available on the day and time that you need.

Pausing, you ask what the difference is between doctors. Turns out that one has 100 years experience, and one has 5000 years experience (remember, this is a pretend game, don’t go all logical on me at this point).

Which would you choose?

Honestly. How many of you would immediately rush to the one that has 100 years experience when you could have the same appointment, same time, same undivided attention from the one who has 5000 years experience?

I am betting those numbers would be pretty slim. MOST people, even in a pretend scenario, would head for the one with more experience, and who has most likely seen a lot more patients over the years than the other, right? Most of them.


Time to stop pretending, folks. You see, that scenario is always, always before you. No kidding. We choose, daily, to head towards the door that contains 100 years experience, versus the one that contains 5000 years experience.

I am, of course, talking about choosing chemical drugs instead of natural ones. Popping pills instead of treating with oils, or herbs, or anything else that remotely resembles something that might actually grow in a garden.  Ignoring something that might challenge us to think outside our comfort zone and instead turn a blind eye to the 5000 years experience doctor speaking to us. In fact, it is a lot like this:


Now, before anyone goes all wiggy on me and freaks out, and claims I am one of those natural crazies who believe in eating twigs and dancing under a full moon to heal my slightest illness, PLEASE. I use our doctor, and happen to have three beautiful children who would not be here without the blessing of modern medicine. But if you want to know which door I choose first, all you need to do is look under the Heal tab here on The Welcoming House. They both have their place. The problem is, we always, always turn to the one, and ignore the other. Or scoff at it. Or poke fun at people who use that option. Until we see that it works.

Over and over and over again.

I KNOW the power of herbs and essential oils. I have seen them firsthand in my family, and I so SO want to be able to share as much of that with you as I can. I want to empower you that instead of reaching for a bottle of Tylenol, which when overused can ruin your liver and kidneys, you take a step back and reach instead for something that helps your body get back into balance, whether that is through diffusing essential oils, or sipping a cup of calendula tea. I want to equip you to know how to step to the cupboard and take care of yourself or a loved one without having to make an appointment with anyone.

In our house, the doctor is always in.

If you would like to learn more, comment and let me help you get started.

Blessings to you and yours,