A Delicious Fall Dinner Recipe….

Sometimes I forget that the things I share on our dinner table are as delicious as they are until I take a picture and post it on my FB wall. Have you ever had that [...]

Coconut Pecan Raisin Breakfast Muffins

Its that time of year when it is lovely outside, cool, crisp, enjoyable to spend time puttering around the house. It is also the time that I love to take the chill off the house [...]

The Best link I have found for Crockpot meals…..Tasty Tuesday!

Well we all know it is coming. School begins in our household this week, even though it is around the dining room table, and believe it or not, that means a little bit of stress [...]

Lovely. Delicious. And Food storage Handy.

Since my stroke in May of this year, I have found I tire easily and yet, that has led to some very creative ways of doing things. Many years ago, growing in the Grand Valley [...]


Its the start of a brand new month, and a brand new challenge, and to be honest, I am incredibly excited about doing this right by your side. I intentionally picked an easy month for [...]

This week we have a FABULOUS recipe that we are featuring for the Pintastic Pinteresting Party!

 What fun this last week was with all the pins and support, new blogs joining us, and so many fun reads this week! I am posting my featured article in honor of the request of [...]

Water, Water Everywhere! by Gail Hovland….

Good morning to you! As I am still not totally up to blogging and typing (although I am most certainly healing from my latest visit to Klutzville, praise the Lord!), I wanted to say how [...]

Because Dessert is the Best Thing Food Storage Ever Created!

I promised. I know I did. I promised that I would finish out our amazing Food Storage 101 series with some seriously amazing recipes for using that food storage for dessert, didn't I?   So [...]

30 MORE AMAZING RECIPES FROM FOOD STORAGE, plus contributions from other Welcoming House Readers!

Good Morning! Quickly, before we get started, I simply wanted to remind you that the Fall Bonanza sale for all the Ebooks has only TWO days left. You can get any of the Ebooks for [...]

26 SIMPLE AND AMAZING recipes that use Food Storage…..Food Storage 101 series

Good morning everyone!    Are you excited for the next step forward  in your food storage ideas for meals? I am thrilled to share with you so many of these ideas simply because here I [...]

Meals upon Meals to use for that Food Storage, Day One…

Well here it is folks, where the rubber meets the road. HOW do you use all that lovely food storage I told you about... WHAT do you use it in...... And HOW MANY meals can [...]

What do I DO with all this FOOD?? Why make this brilliant storage place, of course!

Good morning to you!   As soon as I saw Sharon's storage cabinet go up on the Canning for Christians site on Facebook, I absolutely knew I had to convince her to get on here and [...]