Simple and Steady—Building a Gradual Food Storage System for your family….

Good morning to you,  and happy Monday!   I have been overwhelmed and blessed by the many many comments and emails you wonderful folks have sent me over the last four days. It is always a [...]

Starting from Scratch Turbo-Style—How to build a Solid Food Storage Quickly for the Least Amount…

Good morning everyone!   Many MANY of you have sent me personal emails asking me how to get started right now, and how to get the most food in your house for your personal storage in [...]

Starting a personal Food Storage 101—links, ideas, and suggestions…

Good morning everyone!     While I am somewhat glad that our inept politicians came to an agreement yesterday to fund the government, for another three months, I see it as the respite before another [...]

Super Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids—Guest Post from Big Kid, Small City Blog!

Good morning to you! I was really looking forward to this week, especially after I got today's awesome guest post submission from Jill over at Big Kid Small City ...her personal blog where she shares [...]

When the Squash takes over your dining room…..and a recipe to use it up. 🙂

                                Good Morning, everyone! What a crazy weekend we had here at the real Welcoming House! First on Friday we had the county fair. We also had the blessing to be able to attend the [...]


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