Its a HomeSpun Christmas’ Great Cookie Collection!—with 200+ Christmas Cookie Recipes!

Personally, I think the cookies are one of the very best parts of Christmas. If you are lucky, you get a couple different chances to sample everyone else's family favorites, and the entire month of [...]

“Christmas Pure and Simple”—a giveaway by WhimZB’s Creations!

Brrrrrrrrrrr!!! Baby it is COLD outside here right now, and while I love snow for Christmas, personally I think the craziness of -35* below zero for overnight temps is a little extreme for December.....right? But [...]

Sweet Memories of Christmases Past…A guest post by Diana Dougherty

I have so many precious and wonderful memories of the Christmases that we had as a child. The tree, the presents, the year we went Christmas caroling around the block and had snowballs thrown at [...]

You KNOW You want to…….

I can see it now. You read the title, and immediately  dark and forbidden things flit across your mind. Things like.... Of COURSE you want to eat all the chocolate chips you have managed sneakily [...]

Its Our First HomeSpun Christmas Giveaway–

I always wanted my own minions. Really. If you have children or grandchildren, I am pretty sure you have seen or heard of Despicable Me, one of the funniest and best one-liner kids' movies of [...]

Its A HomeSpun Christmas Time!!!

Ah the joy of Christmas. The lights, the laughter, the smell of hot cocoa filling the air. That first sniff of tinsel as it comes out of its wrapping, and the sparkle and joy that [...]

Its Back to School Week!! AND Printables Day!!!

There comes a day in the life of every blogger where they are incredibly, totally excited to share something with their readers so that they can hardly contain themselves. 🙂 Today is one of those [...]

Its Back to School Week!!!!

Good Morning to you!!!! I know that in some places in the country, and even here, in random cities, that children are already back in school...but I also know that there are some places where [...]

A touch of WhimZ from WhimZ-B Creations! Friday Giveaway Time!

I have been looking forward to this giveaway for almost two weeks. And I know, I know, some of you are going to say that I always say that... BUT REALLY, this one totally rocks. [...]

Sunshine in a Jar—making Dandelion Jelly!

Good morning! Sorry I have been MIA lately, but with the rush of Spring/Summer around here, I have been desperately trying to get so many things done that we had to wait on with the [...]

Make it yourself Monday–Beautiful Nightgowns for a little thread, time, and change….

Good MONDAY morning to you all! Today I am sharing with you round TWO of my sweet and gorgeously simple nightgowns that I make for the three girls and I each summer. As I was [...]

Make-It-Yourself Monday is Back—-how to make a “Boo-Boo Bag” for new moms!

Good morning to you! What a lovely weekend it was around the Welcoming House! Spring has finally Sprung, and with that has come kittens, and baby bunnies, and lots of t-shirt and shorts kinda weather. [...]