A few months ago, in the midst of stress and time sitting on my hands at hospitals, I decided what I really needed to do was give myself the ability to create something and keep myself sane. What started at that point was a journey with something new that I have not yet been able to put down my crochet hook on…the CAL 2015 created by Dedri at Look At What I Made blog.


For those of you who love handcrafts, and there are many of you on this blog, I have to tell you it has been a long LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I have found something I love as much as this pattern. It is engaging, colorful, and bright, and plain just makes me happy. Here is just a sneak peek of where I am at right now with it.

Sophie CALtwo

Isnt it beautiful? And really not that hard, there are beginners all over the world making it along with those of us who can crochet just about anything!

When I started I actually had no intention of finishing it, no intention really of anything other than just having something for my hands to do while idle, because I don’t do “idle” very well. (Those of you that know me well just laughed out loud right there, right?) But as the rounds grew, and the beauty in this precious blanket became apparent, I realized that I had not only started something I loved, but something that was absolutely an heirloom and precious to watch grow.


And then, me being me, the wheels started spinning.

Who could I give this to? Who was someone who had done so much for my family that I needed to pass on something beautiful and yet intricate enough that communicated my love and appreciation?
Who would that someone be that appreciated things like this and found the beauty in it that I did?
And the Lord directed me over and over again to think about a new friend, a person in my life who has done SO MUCH to help us get through this terrible transition for my family in moving from MN to SD.

I wont embarrass her by calling her out on here (she reads my blog, y’all, what kind of an awesome compliment is that?) But I found that seeing her face, seeing her delight, and knowing it would have a good home when I was done made the process one of the sweetest things I have done for a while.

And I hope you all are ready to go through it again with me, because I started a second one. If you are a crocheter, then this pattern is for you. Each week they add more rounds (between 4 and 10) and each week the blanket grows more and more beautiful.


If you are looking for a gorgeous gift pattern, then do it in a single color so that the pattern stands out (think white or cream for a wedding). Or if you just love color and pattern, then do what I am doing and choose riots of everything and watch it unfold week after week.

I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. I know that acrylic is a tougher choice for some because they feel it does not feel as soft to the touch, but over the years I have found it softens up beautifully, and drapes very well. 😀

Here are some shots of where I am, and I will continue to share the process through the weeks.


Get creative….grab a hook. 😀

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3