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I am very excited to share today’s post with you, because for the second time in a week, I get to partner with a dear friend of mine,
Cindy Wagner from Cinj’s Chat Room!
She has been busy writing up posts on her favorite ornaments to make, while we have been busy as little Christmas beavers making our very favorite one just for this post.
One of the most beautiful things about a HomeSpun Christmas is being able to keep things simple, kid-friendly, and sweet. The ornament I have to share with you today is actually
one of our holiday traditions…something I started as a child.
 Now I am blessed to see all my children making their very own to hang on the tree.
I don’t know what your family does for ornaments, but we either purchase or make the children a new one each year, and then, one day when they start a family of their very own, we will be giving them a keepsake box with all their ornaments to start their own trees and traditions.
 Though we have often wondered from year to year if we can possibly find more room for more ornaments, we are quickly learning that as long as the tree is not leaning to one side, then all is good, and each branch can have a couple ornaments on it.
 Doesn’t that sound fun, and fair?
Decorating the Christmas tree has been a joy this year as our Littles are old enough to begin to do things on their own, AND I dont have to worry about them trying to climb it like they were last year. They are enthralled with the lights, and their “orm-num-nets”, and immediately show every visitor the tree. They have even learned that people think they are cute when they grab our wreaths of Jingle Bells and jump up and down shouting 
“Jingle bells, Jingle la la la la” 
*mumble mumble mumble*.
So here, in picture tutorial, is our simple, but fun traditional ornament that we make every single year here at our home. It is perfect for kids, even little ones, because they can pick out the materials, and if Mom needs to man the glue gun, then they can watch,
and still carry it to the tree. 🙂
the enormous amount of choices you can use for these……..pipe cleaners, pompoms, eyes, ribbon, jingle bells, etc
choose your two colors of pipecleaners, move to a spot with a candy cane and glue gun
twist your two colors together from end to end.
start at top and go underneath, then bring up two ends towards ceiling…
dab of hot glue to keep them in place………
now that they are stable, fold in half towards candy cane and form into antlers….
I can already see the personality coming out, can you??
now, these LOOK pink, but were actually bright red. They WERE going to be the noses, but then I found others….
I mean, who wouldnt choose glitter for a nose if you could, right? 🙂
hot glue the glitter and a pair of eyes. Aint it cute? 🙂
How could you say NO to this face? Seriously??
Next is whatever decoration you want to add. I am showing you simple, and then more challenging….
out “simple” Candycane Reindeer hanging on the tree…
And then there is the other one, wreathed with buttons, a lace tutu, and ribbon galore. yep, lots of girls around here. 🙂  


 SO that is all it takes to make OUR favorite, but what about my friend Cindy?? She is crafty as all get out, and has pulled together four fun ornaments for you and your family to make as gifts, gift toppers, memory ornaments, and even, if you wanted, to sell in craft fairs. So head on over to her amazing Chat Blog, and see what she has to show you! Can you say button trees? and………
Cinj’s Chat Room Blog
She also did a fabulous post on how to use tomato cages and lights to make your own Christmas trees–be sure to check the November archives for that story! Adorable–and I am going to make a whole forest of them in my front  yard after seeing it!
Hope you have a wonderful Thursday--tomorrow we have another giveaway with Ginny of A Joyful Cottage website and Facebook page!

Such beautiful stuff, you will NOT want to miss this one!! 🙂

Many blessings to you and yours,