What would Christmas be like 
without beautiful gifts
 to give those you love?
We have had a long-standing tradition around our home of making platters of cookies and taking them to friends and neighbors to tell them how much we love and appreciate them.
 It really is amazing how much a plate of cookies can brighten someone’s day, and open the door to a stronger relationship with someone who just needs a listening ear,
or to see the cute faces of children more than once every six months.
Over the years we have developed certain recipes that are family favorites to make, and I am going to be sharing two of those with you on Saturday, from our home to yours.
But BEST OF ALL, TODAY, I am going to be teasing with GORGEOUS pictures from my friend Kelly’s blog, The Empty Nest Farm, and sending you her way for the other three recipes that are just to die for!
Here are a couple teaser pictures of the beautiful cookies that she makes
 into cookie platters for family and friends:
Don’t those just look yummy? 
She and I decided to team up this year to celebrate A HomeSpun Christmas because we both love to cook and bake, and one of the BEST things about Christmas is spending it with friends “who are dear to us”. 🙂
I was blessed to “meet” Kelly last year when she was posting incredible pictures of her canning habit, and the way her family worked together to put up things. I learned a lot from her, including some amazing recipes, so I cant tell you how proud I am to share this post with her, and send you over to see and learn from a
Cookie Master!
How about Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies? Or delicious Toasted Oatmeal Cookies ( a simple, back-to-Grandma’s-Kitchen type of  cookie that will knock your socks off?)
And finally she is finishing up her list of three with the cookies that just make you drool when you see the picture:
Peanut Butter Cho-Chip Caramel Turtle Cookies!!!
 For Kelly and her family, Christmas is ALL ABOUT family.
  Hear what she has to say about herself, her blog, and her family farm:
” We at Empty Nest Farm are trying to live the simple life on a small homestead.  
The most important thing we do is to 
follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
 I feel very strongly that if we put him first in all that we say and do ,that he will bless us.
And Blessed is how I feel,
We have been blessed with three wonderful children and seven grandchildren 
(# eight is on the way )!! 
The Lord granted us with the knowledge and health to grow gardens to feed our family and put up all the harvest that we have been blessed with. 
I love working in the gardens and watching everything grow. 
And knowing that I’m able to feed my family with good healthy food that you could never buy at the store. 
My whole family is what I live for, and is a gift from God to Love and Cherish… 
to teach to have Faith, and hard work to appreciate each moment you have with each other.
 We always try to be together at the Holiday’s and love making crafts together, baking all kinds of treats, and making candies.
To us it’s not about what you can buy at a store !! 
But more of giving from your heart and hands ,
and the time spent together 
that no amount of money can buy.
 It’s family in every sense of the word !!!
Head over to her Blog today to check out her amazing recipes, see her adorable grandkids, and share in a little bit of the Christmas spirit, straight from the heartland of America. Be sure to tell her that I sent you, and a Merry Christmas from The Welcoming House!
(oh, and if you look in the archives to the right, this is actually her THIRD day of sharing cookie recipes, so LOTS of goodies for anyone who wants to browse for a while!)
Many Blessings to you and yours,

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