Its true.

A year ago I would probably have laughed at you if you had told me I could get rid of things like Bleach, and Lysol spray, and be content that my house was actually clean.

I would have laughed harder if you told me I could not only clean my shower, but my laundry with it, because in my mind those types of things require special attention and cleaners.

But its true.

Forget my posts on how to make your own laundry detergent, and how to make your own orange peel cleaner. Yes, those work. And yes we still use them. But we make sure in each gallon of laundry detergent we add a capful of this stuff. And in every bottle of Cleaner we still have, we cut it with this cleaner.

Best of all, it meets my Mommy standards of being awesome at cleaning, and yet safe enough for my Littles to handle and help “clean” with. I don’t worry anymore about locking my cupboards in case someone brings a baby over that loves to explore. I don’t worry about child safety locks because I only have ONE bottle I keep my eyes on and put up, while the others I clean with are diluted and filled with natural ingredients that if they were spilled would simply require a clean up of that child in the shower like playing with shampoo would.

And with MY kids, that is a relief I can hardly put into words.


Over on Facebook, and occasionally in a webcast, I teach on how to replace every chemical in your home with a simple bottle of Thieves cleaner, which is a product put out by Young Living Essential Oils. It can do the hard stuff, and the easy stuff…and the peace of mind it gives me in using it is awesome.

Here is the chart I use when diluting it, and as you can see, it covers some serious ground when it comes to cleaning. I have yet to find something it does not do a good job of cleaning in my new house, and have even used it to clean the outside deck furniture after they sat in a nasty basement that had mold and dirt in it in our old house.

thieves cleaner for floors and counters

So far, not just GOOD but AWESOME.

Here are some ways we use it to clean things in our house.


Floors, counters, sinks, walls, lights, windows, appliances, glass top stove, oven cleaning.

germs and bathrooms


Floors, showers, toilet, sink, mirror, windows, and everything anyone touches at any time. (*blech*)

Living Room and Bedrooms:

Windows, carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning, in my steam mop on entryway tile, fabric refresher, windows, sofa cleaner…


Outside patio windows, deck furniture, railings, porch swing after rain storms or blowing dirt.


Yep, every. single. one. Tile, carpet, linoleum, wood. I mostly use my steam mop for everything but the carpet, but I find this cleaner does a great job on all of them.

In a pinch I have used this both in the dishwasher, and in washing dishes in the sink. Both worked fabulously with little sudsing, but lots of clean. 😀

As you can see, it is very versatile, and made from natural products, it is good to know I am not using anything that causes endocrine disruption in my children, or contains neurotoxins. They can run freely across my floors that have just been cleaned, and I don’t worry about it (except to chase them off because it means I need to remop the areas I just mopped, I mean)

I am very open to sending some samples of this cleaner out to the first twenty people who are interested, and will follow up with you a few days later to see what you used it on. As always, commenting back once you have used it is always fun for the other readers who would be interested in hearing what you have to say. It is such a concentrated cleaner that I can wash an entire load of laundry in my HE washer with one capful. 😀 Imagine all the things you can do with an entire bottle, right?

If you would like to attend one of our Sparkling Clean Home classes over on Facebook or the live webcasts, they will be linked in the comments for you to access. Be sure to say Hi when you come visit, so I can connect with you and answer any questions you might have. 😀

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3