When I opened my email and read this amazing guest post by Val of DIY Home Blog, I was floored, excited, and super super thrilled to share this with you.

Incredibly gorgeous stemware and tableware, created simply with a little glue and love, and the results are absolutely stunning. Best part is, you don’t have to know how to do anything but pick up pieces you like (no brainer) and apply glue! What an incredibly talented and generous guest blogger we have today that she is sharing that with us!!!!

I hope this inspires you as it has done me!

May this give you some ideas for dressing up your table, and possibly even for some lovely gifts for this coming Christmas celebration!

Thank you a million times over, Val, for sharing this beautiful tutorial with us!!!

Merry Christmas!

Blessings to you and yours, 


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DIY Pedestal Serving Pieces
Cookie Plates/Cupcake Holders/Candy Bowls

There is no reason Christmas gift buying has to set you back financially.
Yet, being a good steward doesn’t mean you have to be a Scrooge either.
I’ve known many people who give ridiculous gifts in the name of stewardship, but if you plan right and are enterprising, you can give great gifts that are just as good – if not better – than their retail equivalent.

Pedestal centerpiece

Years ago, at our first daughter’s wedding, we glued a glass plate on top of a glass candlestick and created fancy wedding candleholders. I was able to create something that I could keep cheaper than it would have been to rent them.  Score!

Recently, I saw some garish glass towers that someone had created to sell at a consignment shop here in town that reminded me of our candleholders from the wedding – well, other than they were not exactly what I would call beautiful – more like ridiculous. Picture in your mind’s eye bowls perched on top of plates, candlesticks and more bowls on top of that every which way.
They were priced in the mid $20 range.

I came home and looked on E-Bay and Pinterest to see if anyone else was creating serving dishes and found many that were priced at $40.00. These were not what I would call “beautiful” either.

That’s all it took for me to widen my search to see what others were doing and I figured I could do as well, if not better, and sell them much, much cheaper.
I found some delicate stemware at a local consignment shop 50% off, which made then just under 50 cents each. Then I went in search of glassware that I could perch atop my stemware, to make serving plates and bowls.

stemware servers3 wm

The stemware had to have a wide enough cup to hold a plate without tipping, but delicate enough to maintain the look I wanted.

Within days, I had an assortment of plates and bowls to go on my stemware.
My DH and I glued them with special glass glue and let them set for over an hour.

stemware servers2 wm

We have less than $2 into each completed piece.

stemware servers4 wm

These not only are inexpensive, but also are a very practical AND stylish gift that anyone would be happy to receive. If they don’t sell at my craft fair this weekend, I will be giving them to family and friends as well as to myself this Christmas.

stemware servers5 wm

Any one of them would make a very nice addition to any holiday tablescape.

stemware servers6 wm

I encourage you to give it a try. Happy gluing!
~ Val Frania @ Love My DIY Home


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