New Year, New Skill—14 Simple and Basic Sewing Tutorials to Get you Started.

Good Monday Morning to you! Over on The Welcoming House Facebook page we have been chatting about new skills and things people would like to learn this year. As a practical person, who has learned [...]

Pintastic Pinteresting Party #4! Come share your Links!

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A Simple, Sweet Sunday Post………Meet Kodie

For many of you wondering why in the world you are getting updates from The Welcoming House on Sundays, a first for me, it is because I have accepted a challenge this month to post [...]

All the more Reason to Consider WATER part of your Food Storage Plans….

Last week about this time I posted a rather disturbing post on the condition and quality of the water that so many people in WV were dealing with at the time, water that is an [...]

Six Amazing DIY Household Products that will Save Money!

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9 Fabulous Family-Tested Ways to Keep the Winter Blues Away

Good morning to  you! Today is going to be a post full of fun and simple time-tested ideas for chasing the winter blues far far away. January is just one of those months, isn't it? [...]

What you Decide to put off ’til Tomorrow…May be the ONE THING You Need Today.

It has been absolutely horrible watching friends of ours suffer through a terrible incident in West Virginia the last couple days. Horrible. As in heart-wrenching, praying-for-you-and-cant-get-you-off-my-mind horrible, because they are literally WITHOUT one of the [...]

A Beautiful Birthday Girl—and Making Watercolor Tissue Poms!

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Food Storage Saturday-How to Store and Use Dry Milk

Welcome to another new Journey we are starting on here at The Welcoming House, and that is the beginning of Food Storage Saturday! For the many readers who have sent me wonderful questions, and are [...]

DIY Coffee Syrups—Fabulously Frugal Friday is BACK!

Coffee syrups. You know, those amazing delicious concoctions in a bottle that you see at every coffee shop? Flavors like caramel, or french vanilla that take a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) from delicious [...]

100 MORE Simply Delightful DIY Christmas Gifts—for those of us still hoping to create that perfect gift!

Yep, you know it was going to happen. SO many folks don't have their gifts finished yet, OR are trying to do it on a budget, and SO I decided to be pretty helpful and [...]

Pamper that Special Someone with A Giveaway from Kleine’s Country Farm Soaps!

 We are on the home stretch now, with less than two weeks  until Christmas, and I hope that you have a good idea at least of what you will be giving your family and friends [...]