Fabulously Frugal Friday
to you!
Today I wanted to just cover a little bit why Master Mixes are such a huge help in my kitchen,
and why I use them all the time.
and Time.
One is not very important to me (take a guess which one),
 and the other is extremely important to me.
You see, in our house, a long time ago, we made a choice.
And that choice was, that no matter our circumstances,
or what we had to give up financially,
we were going to keep me at home 
for as long as the Lord allowed it.
We knew that our children were an investment, and both of us came from homes where our mothers made that choice for as long as they could.
We have had many ups and downs in making that choice.
We have been ridiculed,
we have been laughed at and mocked.
We have been told that we are “sheltering” our children.
But what has mattered to us, is that as long as we feel we are doing what we are supposed to do
then we are on the right path.
But some of that has come with some serious sacrifices, and out of that was born this idea.
We live on an income, each month, that according to statistics, is well below the poverty line for a family of five. However, we not only make it work, we live well, healthy, and happy.
We have found ways around our problems as they crop up,
and partly, that is the reason I started blogging so seriously back in January.
Time and time again I met people who would say:
“How do you DO IT?”
Well, this blog is how I do it.
I am teaching you, showing you how I do it.
And Master Mixes are just a small part of that overall plan 
to keep our home 
and together.
Sure, they are just a collection of recipes, but the variables that I make with those 50 recipes, some that come around seasonally, and some that are on my shelf every day of the year,
save us tons of money on groceries,
and keep this busy house rocking and rolling.
Making things from scratch makes me happy,
and it keeps my kids happy and full.
It costs me less at the grocery store,
and that makes my husband,
who works so incredibly hard for our family,
very happy.
If I can do, YOU can do it.
On Monday, that book will be available through links set up on here,
 and I promise you,
it will be the best $8 or $10 investment you could possibly make.
It will transform the way you approach making things from scratch in your kitchen,
it will teach you to think outside the box,
and best of all, it will keep more money in your pocket every week.
No more trading a ton of money for convenience.
You have the ability to eliminate that habit right in your hand
through this book.
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Just wanted you to think about it over the weekend.
Starting next week we will be doing ideas for Thanksgiving celebration,
 crafts you can make at home for Christmas presents, etc.
I will be sharing more recipes that you can make at home that are fast, frugal, and easy,
and also showing you some of my modified meal plans that I use for fall.
Thanks and many blessings to you.