I told you to stick around yesterday, right? And keep checking back? Today is the start of something I have wanted to do for a long time, and now getting organized has SERIOUSLY helped me pull everything together. Now I know that others have done this, and you may have heard of these before, but if you have girls in your family, these are cheap, easy, and absolutely fabulous when done. You can use up scraps of ribbon, pillowcases or sheets that don’t have a match anymore, and lace you buy for cheap at garage sales.
However, before I get a million seamstresses commenting about how I don’t do everything perfect or “the right way” I just want to make the disclaimer that I learned how to sew by trial, and have never read books on it or anything. Just did what looked right, and went from there. So if my seams are not perfect, my lines are crooked, whatever, give grace, please. 🙂
Each one of the dresses in the pics below was made from a pillow case or sheet I picked up from thrift stores or garage sales for around a quarter.

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25 cents.
You read that correctly.
So other than my time and materials I already had around the house,
such as ribbon scraps and thread,
these nightgowns cost me a quarter each.
And you can make them too.
Here’s How.
Step 1: pick a cute pillowcase
preferably one with cute trim, of course….


Step 2: cut 8-10″ inches off of the “top” of the pillowcase,

with the top closed seam


Step 3: cut a notch from the open seam to make the

armhole space


this is what it looks like opened out again….are you starting

to see the body of the gown?


Step 4: the piece you cut off the bottom gets cut in half

to make two sections


Step 5: take the strip that was the top of the case and

cut it in half to make the yokes


Step 6: trim the short seam off and open up–these are

the two yokes, front and back…


Step 7: now take the large body piece, and lay it out like this


Step 8: pin the armholes, or just use bias tape to make

this look nicer. I used what I had. 🙂


both sides are pinned and ready to go….set aside


Step 9: now take the yoke pieces that were laid open and

pin the edges. The pinned edges will be the sides.


Step 10: the other half of what you originally cut off the bottom
is now trimmed and cut lengthwise into two strips for straps.
Scraps that were cut off are laid on top for you to howlittle waste this has.


Step 11: pin the cut pieces lengthwise for straps.

Sew all pinned pieces.

all the pieces that are needed for a pillowcase nightgown are right here

Step 12: using a gathering stitch, gather the top of the dress between armholes
 Step 13: fold the yoke over the top, tucking the raw edges in, and pinning.
Step 14: sew top yoke down, remember to add trim to the front side if you have it….
Step 15: straps sewed, then seam turned to the inside
Step 16: straps sewn on to attach the front to the back….
final step: don’t forget to pin and sew the hem for a finished product
and that makes for one very pretty and VERY HAPPY little girl!
This basic design can be used for ANY SIZE nightgown, just start with a tube of fabric, cut to the length and width you want to work with. Remember to make it twice as wide as you want the
finished product to be, as it will be gathered, and that is what makes this so pretty.
All of my seams were 1/4″ to 1/2″. The nightgown shown was a size 3T/4T so my girls can wear
it for two years. The blue one in the top pics was made from half of a twin sheet worth of fabric
for my oldest, who is a size women’s XS.
Any Questions, please ask away. I will do my best to answer you!
Many Blessings to you and yours,