I am so thrilled about this Fabulously Frugal Friday post
I could actually squeal.
Because it is the epitome of taking something, or actually,
quite a few things
 that you would otherwise mindlessly throw
in your trashcan …..
and turning it into something fabulous, frugal, and AWESOME.
Something that you can either use at home or sell.
Something that you can give as gifts to family members who would appreciate them
if they have the means to use them.
Do you have campers in your family?
How about someone who has a fireplace?
Better yet, how about YOU or someone else you know heats with wood, even part time?
Then you are going to love me.
And today’s Post.
January 2013 148
Make your own firestarters.
Here it is, simple, fun, and incredibly satisfying
to turn trash into treasure.
PLEASE share this, pin it, etc, because I tell you what,
we all have this stuff sitting around,
and there are a lot of people who could make use of this.
Many blessings to you and yours,
we really packed this in there, rolling it between our palms to make little balls…
yep. see the teeth marks? *sigh*
I think we heated it up on medium, and the level of the water is important.The higher it is, the quicker the wax melts.
Or a tin can. Whatever works that you have around the house.
I used a skewer because I could throw it away when I was done rather than trying to clean a utensil.
The Big Kid took this pic. I think she is gonna be a photographer some day. 🙂
PS–these are HOT and soak up a lot of wax, so be prepared to melt more if needed.
Simple. Easy. Frugal. I love it!
We timed the first one at just over twelve minutes, AND it caught our dampest piece of wood on fire, the one that we just knocked the snow off before trying to light it on fire! Holy cow! Kinda makes me want to say that if you are holding a candle, and wearing a sweater, DON’T light a fire, LOL!

This is the link that started us off on this whole quest for firestarters, and so I am giving credit where credit is due!  http://www.instructables.com/id/Waterproof-Dryer-Lint-Fire-Starter/