Choosing Thankfulness….

It is November. And what does that mean around here? For us, as a family, we devote a few minutes each day to talking about the many things that we are thankful for in our [...]

Are you my REAL mommy?

I knew it would happen one day. I guess in my heart I was just hoping it would happen when they were a little older and would be able to understand a little more when [...]

Back to A “New” Normal…

What a crazy six months it has been around here. When I look at everything we were going through around Christmas time, and then again through the months of January - June, I just have [...]

A Simple, Sweet Sunday Post………Meet Kodie

For many of you wondering why in the world you are getting updates from The Welcoming House on Sundays, a first for me, it is because I have accepted a challenge this month to post [...]

Rainbows, Rabbits, and Family…

Good morning to you! I know I shouldn't be surprised at how when you take the pressure off of writing all of sudden your mind comes alive with all the ideas you want to share [...]

Ten Ways a Mom Makes a Home—from the Sweet to the NOT-So-Sweet…

Hi Everyone!   A little late in putting up the post today due to technical issues, but you all will understand. In bouncing off of the Handy Hubby's idea from yesterday,  about how a man [...]

How a Man Makes a Home……A Handy Hubby Perspective

You get a real treat this morning. The Handy Hubby, in all his awesome glory, is volunteering to share his perspective on how a man makes a home......and how important he is in the whole [...]

When Mother’s Day Hurts to Celebrate….

Good morning, everyone. I feel compelled to write this post this year, perhaps because I have grown more comfortable with being transparent with my readers, perhaps because as I grow up a little more I [...]

When Spring Whispers into Minnesota…………

Good morning everyone!   For a light hearted change from the last couple posts, I am going to woo you with adorable pictures of kittens, and baby bunnies. Prepare for cuteness. This is Spring on [...]

From the Outside Looking In—National Foster Care Month

Good morning everyone! I have decided to just write for a while about what is on my heart today, perhaps because I think my writer's block is coming from having such a scheduled set topic [...]

What true love really LOOKS Like…..A Valentine Love story in a few words, and some pictures…

To be honest, its kinda a sucky Valentines Day from the view from the couch. I was trying, really really trying this morning, to find the silver lining on a dark cloud that has kind [...]

Top 5 Series Posts for 2012—this is ONE post you simply dont want to miss. 🙂

One of my favorite things about writing is being able to extend an idea onto paper, and then flesh it out, filling it with information that helps, teaches, and shows others how easy some things [...]