From this Side of Heaven……….

Its been a rough week. Today while sitting in the emergency room with my mother, who is again struggling with the healing time that is required when you have pneumonia, I realized I just felt [...]

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday—Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

  This needs almost no introductions. I just want to say, THIS is one reason I love having girls. Bring out a dress up bin, and make sure you have your camera. Here are my [...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday—Goodbye to June–*sniff sniff*

Its SO sad.  June has flown by on the speedy wings of summer. I have been so busy living life, that I had to intentionally make time to stop and see the beauty all around [...]

Thoughtful Thursdays Post One–A Theme of Grace

   I have been a SAHM (stay at home mom for those of you who are as computer illiterate as I am) for just over 12 years. And some seems like an eternity. Now [...]

The Beginning…and the Journey

  Two years ago, today, was the last night I would be the mom of one living child, one child who died at birth, and 12 children in heaven. I didnt know it at the [...]

His Plan…not mine

This weekend was crazy, fun, ...and had some great lessons that went along with it. I know I have not been really good about sharing on here lately what with the addition of adorable twins to my life, [...]

A New Beginning

   Well, its finally happened.    Years of tears, loss, and prayers that I thought were going unanswered were slowly dissolved yesterday like chalk pictures in rain as we went through the final court hearing [...]

More than the Stars

It has been a couple tough days around here again. I have had to cope with realizing my garden is just not going to produce its usual amount this year, after a bad year last [...]

Waiting is hard, but has its rewards…

   Seems like the things in life that take the longest to bear fruit are the ones that are worth waiting for the most. Is that how it is in your life? God has taught [...]

Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes

   One of things I have said consistently on our hospital caring website as we go through this pregnancy, is that every day is victory from here on out. I know it has been a [...]

Even though I walk through the valley

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Your perfect love is casting out fear And even when I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life I wont turn [...]

The Road Seems Long

Well, so much for a peaceful and pleasant Christmas for the Estey family and company this year....:) For those of you who have not heard, our birth mom was airlifted from here to Minneapolis on [...]