We are busy here on the other side of the screen. So many things happening as fall rushes into winter, and we get our little homestead ready for the cold months.

Stacking wood for the winter, making sure everyone has warm enough clothing, and bedding, putting up food for the cold months so I can feed a growing family…you all know how it goes. I thought that I would catch you all up on some of our fun and some of our serious this last year. 😀

Girls packing in the wood

I have hard working girls, you all. Girls who don’t mind working tough jobs and getting dirty. I pray every day for the men they are to marry some day, that they would be loved and adored for their work ethic as well, true partners in life with someone who sees the value in not only who they are but what they are capable of. I was so blessed with the Handy Hubby I cant help but pray the same for them.

Handy Hubby Working hard

Our oldest is doing amazingly well after 2 1/2 years of alternative therapy and working on her health with Young Living Essential oils. She is healthy, strong, and doing so many things we once thought impossible, like holding down a job, appearing in a play, and volunteering out among the public. Just life changing. She is also a typical 16 year old, with all its joys and drama. Lol. I thank God every day for how healthy she is.

All Dressed up for A Christmas Carol

And then there are our not-s0-Littles…..6 years old and full of spunk and spitfire. 😀 Totally a joy to be around every day even when they put their heads together to take over the world. Busy rushing through life and first grade, they are reading now, and learning to do handcrafts alongside Mamma, as well as getting pretty good at fighting over who gets to be queen of the woodpile…

Queen of the woodpile

I am busy living in my sweet spot, running a business I am passionate about because of how it has impacted the health of our daughter, crocheting up gifts and items for others, and keeping a home running. The Handy Hubby is traveling for work between SD and MN, and we soak up every minute of being with him. He is such a warrior for his family since he lost his job locally a few years ago. We tried the SD experiment, and ended up moving back until we can work things out for him to be here the rest of the time with us, which will be soon. For now, we are happy to be back in the rural prairies of MN, in our circle of long-time friends and support network.

Handy Hubby and I

Lately I have taken a few walks down bare country roads, listened to the moaning of the late fall winds across the prairies, and reflected on how much I have to be thankful for. This time of year always brings that thought to the forefront, but I feel especially grateful this year. The last 2 years have been incredibly difficult, with family issues, and work issues, moving to a different state and back, being separated as a family and then together again.

Through it all God continues to be faithful, guiding us unfailingly through the good times and bad. Helping us to remember that which is really important, and letting go of the things that are not.

What a beautiful life I am blessed to lead. I hope you too can see your own blessings and be thankful for them this time of year, and always.

Blessings to you and yours.