If you are just joining us on this totally awesome series after clicking a link on Pinterest or BlogLovin, I hope that you take a moment to read the FIRST part of our series and grab those ideas for saving money as well. You can find it right here by clicking this link. I promise, you wont want to miss it. 😀

But for those of you who have read (and loved) the first one, then today’s post will be the final post in the series, short and sweet. 😀

However, after all the mail and FB comment on how folks want more ideas, I will be putting up a new series in a couple weeks that deals with creative, delicious, and easy ways to use up leftovers into new meals. I love sharing stuff like that because I think our culture tends to be a “throw away” culture, and we may be facing some times ahead where throwing away as much food as we do may simply become impossible, not to mention financially unfeasable. 😀 So there is my little plug for a fun series coming up that I am already loving writing for you. 😀

There are two more steps that we use frequently to save serious money on our grocery budget each month, and both take time, effort, and determination on the part of the person making and purchasing the meals.

FOUR—-Set aside a small part of your grocery budget to purchase on sale, or in bulk items. Now I know for some of you, you may not understand why I am encouraging you to sink an extra $20 or $50 a month into things like canned fruit, or meat products, staples like flour or sugar, etc. But if you are spending $600 a month for a family of four, and a lot of it is in pre-packaged or processed foods, then you literally are trading money for time, and possibly a good dose of nasty stabilizers, chemicals, and food additives your family does not need. If you follow the first three ways we save money on groceries, and then apply that extra amount you have saved to stocking up on basics you can use to make things, then you are gaining your buying power back, and starting to free yourself from an overstrained family food budget, and food waste. I am going to link the very first series I wrote on The Welcoming House three years ago that has helped MANY people get out of that rut and move into a more stable place in providing food for their families. You can find it right here. 😀

Our family has certain meals we fall back on frequently that we keep all the ingredients on hand at all times, or even have made up ready to pop into the oven if I am behind and have little time for food prep.  I keep track of how many I have on hand of each of the ingredients, and always watch for sales or quick buys on them, because it saves me money in the long run. Buy things with that money that you know you will use, or can incorporate into other meals, such as canned fruit and veggies, frozen veggies, cheese, meat that is a great deal at the time, staples like rice, flour or sugar, or canned sauces if you arent ready to delve into making your own. These are all things I keep on hand at all times, and we have had to rely on them solely during different times of our last year with my husband’s job loss in September. Getting out of the mindset of grocery shopping every couple of days or once a week is also empowering to you, and saves you time as well as money.

Five–whether by gardening, or canning and preserving, we trade time for money. We purchase from friends who have large gardens or grow our own, and we learned to make our own items, such as spaghetti sauce, and jams, can up our own soups and meat, and go fully into a way of life that many people dont even know much about any more. All of those things are ones we have done over the last six years, and it is a freeing thing to be able to go into a grocery store to stock up on certain things, but also to have many on hand that you made from scratch (and you know what is in them) for your family. My Ebook section has three different books I have written on how to use herbs,  how to preserve via waterbath canning (second part of this is coming out in June that deals with Pressure canning), and using bulk Master Mixes to shave money from your budget. 😀 We have seen these simple books really impact folks over the years, and many have stepped forward and sponsored books for those in a place where they simply can not afford one more thing on the budget. I would encourage you to contact me if that is the case, but otherwise, the purchase of the book is less than $5 to get started on this same path our family has followed over the years. 😀 Otherwise, there are so many posts on our lovely blog that deal with these subjects all you have to do is search or click on the tag in the cloud link to the right that appeals to you. 😀

Send me questions. Comment. I am around and would love to help you get started. 😀

May you find great joy in the Journey.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3