You have heard the old saying “Time Heals all Wounds’?
Well, if you were talking about the herb Thyme, in a play on words,
you just might be a little closer to the truth that you realize.
Thyme is a delight to grow, I think, as it takes so little care, and a single branch of the plant gives you literally hundreds of leaves with which to work with. I am always amazed at the yield of each plant I grow, and that it is a perennial, means that I will get that same yield, or more, each year that the plant continues to grow.
I have grown the common thyme plant for around 5 years, and now, this past year, decided to branch out and grow a lemon thyme plant in my herb garden.
I fell in love immediately. 
Not only was it a gorgeous plant, with deep green leaves that were edged with a bright yellow, giving it a distinctive stand-out touch in the midst of all the other herbs,
I fell in love with the taste of it immediately as well.
It was a brighter, cleaner taste of the thyme, and I knew I would be enjoying it in soups, sauces, and quite possibly in a tea blend by the end of the cold winter months.
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Thyme is one of the most amazing powerhouses among herbs that I know. It is strongly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, making it perfect for adding to teas to combat colds and viruses during the cold season. I also use it in both my Anti-Flu Tonic that I make each year as well as in my Rosemary Thyme Vinegar Cleaner that breaks out for each cold month of the year.
Thyme is a wonderful seasoning as well, and is easy to add to meals to brighten up the flavor of it. My personal favorite is to add it straight to herbed rice that will go along with chicken. My kids and husband love it, without ever knowing it is packing a punch in healing or prevention for their bodies. Thyme is a powerful herb, and so should be used in small amounts, which is probably why the Good Lord made it in such small leaves. A little goes a long way, and so you should be aware of that when using it.
Thyme is also a wonderful herb to add to homemade hair rinses or soaps, due to its anti-bacterial properties. It will give a shine to your hair, as well as eliminating dandruff if you combine a thyme tea with coconut oil or olive oil in those soaps.
Here is a little excerpt that I wrote about Thyme from my popular series “Growing Your Own Medicine” back in April:
“Thyme has other medicinal qualities as well, such as being used in Germany to treat whooping cough and COPD. It has a clearing effect on the lungs and a calming effect on the bronchial tubes, good for relaxing tight muscles both inside and out. It is great as a mouthwash, or if you make your own toothpaste as it fights infection, which also makes it good for a sore throat gargle if you have strep. It is anti-fungal, so if you have athlete’s foot, soaking your feet in thyme tea will take care of it in no time. It also makes a good wash for those who have skin problems. If you want to make sure to keep pet beds parasite free, then stick a sachet of Thyme in their pet bed cover, as parasites can not stand it and in many parts of the world Thyme is used as a natural remedy to remove worms and other parasites from bodies of man and beast. An ointment made with Thyme will heal warts or help with the discomfort of gout.”
Just remember, as with all herbs, especially the strong ones, you want to check your body’s reaction to something before you put it inside your body or clean with it. Make a tea and rub a small amount on the inside of your elbow before going to bed and check that site first thing in the morning. If you show irritation or redness, then you should NOT use that herb and find a substitute.
I am also not a herbologist, just a mom, wife, blogger, and someone who has heavily researched this information and uses it at home. You alone are responsible for your health and what you do to keep yourself healthy. If you try these suggestions, you are responsible for this as well.
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