Just a quick blip to let you know what is happening here and over at the Welcoming House Facebook page this weekend (and this week).
We covered two recipes this week that are posted right now over at the Grain Mill Wagon.
I am pretty sure that I did not explain that contest too well, since I have gotten a lot of questions.
We are in the middle of a contest to see if I can post a recipe that blows everyone out of the water numbers wise, and shows what a fantastic group of readers and friends I have here on the Welcoming House. That means, if you head over to the links I am posting below, along with the pictures of each item I have done, then you are free to click those, share them, like them, etc, and boost our numbers on the Grain Mill Challenge.
Why would I want you to do that?
Because I am telling you, if I win that challenge, then YOU or SOMEONE who reads this here and over at the Welcoming House Facebook Page, is
You see, I already have been given one to complete this challenge, and I love it.
It is fast, clean, and takes up so little space on my counter.
It is well built, and I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.
I hope you are too, because it has pushed me to pull out all the stops and put out
the MOST AMAZING recipes in my recipe box, just for this challenge.
So, here are the links.
Click the link below the picture to head over there and vote “like” or “share” one of these recipes.
So once you have done that, get ready for this coming week. It is the first REAL day of Fall today, and so we are covering a few topics everyone should read, as well as adding two more AMAZING recipes to the Welcoming House recipe box.
Monday we will be talking about how easy it is to make emergency candles out of common household items, something that you should have on hand since the weather is getting cooler, and we all know what happens when the storms come and lights go out.
Tuesday will be another fantastic recipe for the Grain Mill Wagon challenge, as I will be putting out a recipe for Applesauce Spice cake. Seriously, sounds simple, but if the pictures had scratch and sniff, you would be here ALL THE TIME. Its an amazing, and easy recipe.
Wednesday we will be covering a simple picture update of life here at the House, and what fall looks like on the gorgeous prairies once the seasons start to change.
Then Thursday and Friday will have another recipe, and blog post I am keeping uber-secret because it is just too good to share right now, and I want you to be anticipating what else I could possibly rock your world with on a Fabulously Frugal Friday.
One last thing—the Welcoming House Facebook page is ALMOST at 500 members–and once we hit that number, then the party starts again with another giveaway, this time a gorgeous hand-crocheted display piece that looked a little bit like this before it was finished and waiting to go to its new home:
September 2012 217
So head on over there by clicking HERE, and bump us over that 500 mark!
Hope you are loving fall so far!!!
Many Blessings to you and yours,