Crab apples have become our entertainment around here, 
and a huge new favorite.
And since it is:
We want to share with you how amazing,
how richly colored,
and how incredibly delicious 
this tart little apple makes so many things.
At first glance, it does not even seem like the time spent on it would be worth it, because it is so small. But that tiny little apple packs one heck of a powerful apple flavored punch when you use it to make jelly, or juice, as we did.
Simple directions, and as an added bonus, great entertainment.Keep on reading and you will see why. 🙂
Blessings to you and yours, 
To make Apple Juice from Crabapples:
Take whatever size jar you choose, and fill halfway with crabapples, both ends cut off. Throw out any that are rotten, or bug infested—who wants that in their juice? The ones we used were given from a friend, and were between nickle and quarter sized apples…….and they smelled really REALLY good.
Anyhow, wash and clean, then trim the ends off. Put into a glass jar (we used glass gallon pickle jars), and once the jar is half full, then put 1 tsp of Fruit Fresh into the jar to keep the color nice and bright. Our jars were so big, we used 4 tsp (think 1 tsp to a quart of whatever).

Now, fill the jar to the top thread with boiling water, and cap. Let sit all day, or even overnight, and you will slowly see the water transform from clear to a bright or soft pinkish red. As an added bonus, you have just made your own natural lava lamp, which provides for hours of entertainment for your kids as the apples go up, and then sink down in the jar while the water is hot. My kids keep checking the new jars this morning and exclaiming when an apple takes off and rises. 🙂


Once the jar has sat for 12-24 hours, strain out the apples, and then do a second strain with a smaller strainer to make the juice crystal clear. Add to a stock pot, and for every quart of juice, add 1/2 cup of sugar, or to taste, because these are really tart apples.
Heat to a simmer to dissolve the sugar.
Ladle into hot jars and process in a water bath canner 
for ten minutes.
We used gallon jars, and got about 2 1/2 quarts from every gallon jar.
To make Apple Jelly from Crab apples
This is pretty simple too.
Jelly can be made from clear juices very easily. You will need powered pectin, and the instructions on the back of the box. Normally it is 4 cups of juice to 2 cups of sugar, add the pectin, let it boil for two minutes, and then process, but each pectin is different and you have to follow their instructions. This makes THE BEST apple jelly we have ever had, and we are apple jelly fans.
All in all, I will never make juice from regular apples again.
Crab Apples, hands down, make the best juice and jelly in comparison.
Tomorrow come back for a wonderful tutorial on making your own apple cider vinegar from those cores and peels you have been saving!!

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