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Natural, not chemical.

Choose Natural

Just to give you a heads up….if you are using Febreeze, every time you spray that bottle, you are filling your house with neurotoxins and lots and lots of other nasties. All for the sake of couches that smell fresh and clean. Or curtains that convince us that even though we still have snow on the ground we can have tropical breezes. We stick plug in devices into our walls in our bathrooms so that our bathrooms don’t ever (and I mean ever) smell like bathrooms. We heat toxic oils in our electrical outlets to convince people that the four-day-old laundry sitting in the hampers really smells like we just baked cookies.
Its a booming business, this artificial fragrance industry.
And it is slowly slowwwwwly killing us.

I am careful about what I feed my kids. What I wash our clothes in. What I plant in my garden. I am careful about what cleaners I use and feel often like I wage a never-ending war against chemicals in my home or when I leave the house. And there are so many other moms doing the same thing day in and day out. Its like a homegrown tide of folks beginning to learn that the bill of goods we have been sold over the years on many different things had nothing to do with how bad the product was for our families and homes, but all about lining their pockets. No matter what.

But Febreeze was one of those hold outs for me. I figured if I dropped the aerosol bottles, then I was doing good. I mean, what can possibly be bad in a nice smelling spray that comes from a pump bottle right?


Well, here are a few of the items contained in that little pump bottle. While they disclose THREE of them, they do not disclose the other 86. Why? Because they DONT HAVE TO.
You can read the report by a well known whistle-blower group called the EWG—and this was what was found when they did a study on a very popular brand of Febreeze.
Go Ahead…read it.

So lets just shake our heads, and realize it is time to ditch the Febreeze. Because I am not willing to sacrifice my kids even on bad days just to have a house that smells like a tropical island, or fresh linen sheets.

Instead, I am going to get creative like I always do, and make something myself that does the job, holds a natural, healthy fragrance, and recognize that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, life does NOT always smell like I just baked fresh cinnamon rolls. πŸ™‚


Here is my newest, most favorite recipe, and I would encourage you to come on over this weekend as I am holding a very eye opening “Detoxing your Home” class. It is time we become educated consumers and learn how to identify what is causing so many issues in our children because of our culture’s obsession with chemicals. Tons of recipes, lots of ideas for practically, and safely, cleaning your home, as well as a eye opening beginning as we walk through some of the most common, and most undisclosed chemicals in common everyday products.

I hope to see you there.
Blessings to you and yours,