Happy Thursday, everyone!
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   As you know with holidays, I tend to be absent around here as I am scurrying around trying to get in as much fun as I can with my family!

   How was your celebration of Independence Day?

   We took it really easy around here as it has been extremely hot and humid for July in Minnesota–even hot and humid for August around here with heat indexes soaring into the 100-110* range. I know, I know, for some of you down south you are saying :”Bless her heart, I wonder what she would do to with what WE have every summer down here.”

  I would melt.
   That’s what I would do.

   A long time ago when my oldest was around 2, my husband and I were very seriously considering moving to Georgia. We loved the state, loved the people, and it seemed like everything was falling into place–housing, jobs, etc.
Then abruptly the door slammed shut, everything fell through, and we were left with complete confidence that the Lord was pushing us in a different direction. I have mourned that for quite a while…that is, until lately.

   I guess growing up in the mountains where the temps really never hit over 85* spoiled me for life, because I don’t care how much sweet tea I consumed, or how much front-porch-sitting I tried, I would still turn into a puddle, and go to be with Jesus.

  So I have even more respect for those who live down there year round, and pray for those who live down there year-round and are still without power. I cant imagine.

  But I am sure of ONE thing…..I have a much healthier respect for the pioneers who didn’t have all the luxuries that we have today—including air conditioning. Can you imagine trying to hand wash clothes for the entire family, bake bread because you didn’t have a store to run to, or even try to water bath can something during this time of year? And you know they had to do it because their lives were still at the mercy of the rhythm of the seasons, somewhat like ours still are…..


   Thank God for the luxuries, and Lord, when the time comes we cant have those things, help me to bear it cheerfully and willingly, not cry over an air conditioner in the front yard. 🙂

   Well, the heat and humidity HAS done something good around here—the gardens are exploding with growth and promise! I cant literally watch the black beans climb the fence we put up for them, or the zucchini leaves unfold, or the sunflowers stretch for the sky. I planted 400 green and wax bean plants this year hoping to put away 2 years worth of green beans so I can devote garden space to other things next year that are equally as needed. Well, I got my wish, because seriously, each plant is so crazy loaded with blooms that it looks like a flower garden under those leaves. I dont think in all the years I have been gardening that I have seen plants so FULL of blossoms, promising a tremendous harvest! My squash plants, particularly the Hubbard Squash, are going crazy and I am thrilled to know we will have plenty to put away this winter for feeding my family. A single Hubbard Squash provides about 40 lbs of squash to put up for meals and treats, so they are very worth my time to raise….
Praise God for all of this, because with prices going up, and income not matching it, and even with our preparation to weather the financial stress due to the strategies I use, we are still feeling the pinch a little more this summer than we did last.

How about you? Are you finding yourself having to cut things out of your grocery budget that you didn’t have to until now?
Here are some pics about how this week has gone here at the Welcoming House: 🙂

second picking of a very small patch of spinach FILLED

a grocery bag


a sneak preview of tomorrow’s subject for Fabulously Frugal Friday


cherry tomatoes starting to turn–yum yum!


the sumflowers have officially reached

well over the 3′ fence in one week


from seed to this in less than a week for the zucchini plants

(third time is the charm, right?)


huge tomatoes are starting to form on some of my plants,

others are just in crazy bloom stage


having wayyyy too much fun with the camera


staying cool in the morning using the pool is my kids’

favorite thing to do!

   Happy Thursday to you and I hope you check back tomorrow for the Handy hubby’s best post since the wood stove dealie he pulled off last month! 🙂

Many Blessings to you and yours,