I love all the different posts I keep seeing from others on my newsfeed about how they got an Instant Pot for Christmas! Who knew that electric pressure cookers would be all the rage this year?

And how satisfying it was for me to smile and say: “I was insta-potting before it was COOL…” lol. With tongue in cheek of course, I don’t want to come off as arrogant. Just that it really surprised me this year. I might even try to turn it into a hashtag just for the fun of it. Because seriously, people, using that electric pressure cooker was something I was blogging about way back in 2013 in my series Making Do Without a Thing…because it was the BOMB in a very good way, and made my life so so so much easier.

I hope you will find that it makes your life easier too….because seriously, saving time in making good solid meals is a win win in any busy parents’ life…and we love being able to do that, right?

You can make hardboiled, perfectly peeled eggs in under 10 minutes, while leaving your stovetop off.

You can make beautiful, rich bone broth for your family in under 3 hours instead of 24….and even make enough to can up later if you want!

You can use scraps of leftover, throw them together, and before you know it, have a beautiful soup that will feed your family in under 20 minutes…from start to finish.

The possibilities are kind of mind blowing, to be honest.


If you want a couple awesome ways to combine using food storage, and using an electric pressure canner, you can do one of two things….go straight here and purchase my very popular EBook, The Master Mix Way and look at the many ways you can combine the two for very fast meals made from scratch….

or you can go HERE and read the whole series on how to Make Do Without Missing a Thing that rocketed our Welcoming House Blog to over 40,000 readers a month within a year of starting it.

I will be posting many more simple recipes on how to use your electric pressure cooker for simple fabulous meals over the coming year. If you are reading this late into 2017, I would encourage you to search the term pressure cooking because they are all going to be listed under that search term here on the Welcoming House Blog.

If you are reading this post when it came out, then hang on to your hats, and your instant pots, because we are going to talk about how to make this handy little kitchen tool your very best friend and send you all over the blogger sphere as we find the best and most fabulous recipes to share.

I hope you’re as excited as I am, because this amazing tool has changed our game in so many ways.

Blessings to you and yours,