Today I am reviewing a book by my friend, Jill, who heads up the blog Called To Be a Mom! She very recently put our her very first E-book on how to make things work financially so that you CAN be at home with your children, as so many of my readers desire to be. When she asked me to review it, I jumped at the chance, because we too, have made similar sacrifices, and I WISHED I had a guide during those tough and early years to walk through the hard times with.

Parenting is a tough job, but incredibly worth it. I am only 38, and had a mother who did what was needed to stay home with us, including running a daycare out of our home. We always knew she would be there when we got out of school, and to this day, I appreciate how much she must have sacrificed for that to happen.

Fast forward to today, and as many of you know, we make a lot of inspirational and challenging choices to make that happen with our family and so that one of us is around for our three beautiful girls. I am blessed to also have been able to help friends of ours who have wanted to make that choice for their own families, and taught them how to make the decisions needed, cut back financially, begin brainstorming for ideas for income boosters, etc…and seetheir families reaping those rewards.

So all in all, receiving this book from Jill was such a blessing. I want to encourage you to check it out and read it! What a power-packed book for only $3!!! And I want to leave you with the part of the book, right in the introduction, that grabbed me immediately, because it is SO spot on:
“No matter what we do in life, we will always need to be inspired if we want to be successful; being a mother is no different….”

Her book is inspirational for working moms, defeated moms, directional moms, and moms who are passionate about figuring out how to stay home with their children. I plan on hanging on to my copy and sharing it with the next mom who walks through that door, and asks me how we do what we do, because Jill deals with all the issues in an encouraging and direct way that we need to see!

You can find Jill’s new book available on by following this link: One Income Mystery

and here is the direct link to her blog, where I think she is having a big surprise for her readers tomorrow! Check them out!

Come back tomorrow for a wonderful story and recipe sharing from a lovely lady who lives the Western life…….you don’t want to miss it!
Blessings to you and yours,