Bumstoppers, one of the premier cloth diaper lines out there, with fabulous construction and adorable prints, has agree to participate in our HomeSpun Christmas celebration this year again!


Last year was wildly fabulous, with tons of entries, and a lot of folks just learning about her brand because they did not have Littles in their houses anymore. However, this year I am happy and blessed to bring Becky back, the owner and creator of BumStoppers, and share with you her amazing work!


So cute!!!! A Snowman Diaper that is in her shop!!!

She has graciously agreed to giveaway one cloth diaper, All in One, Hybrid, which means that it is waterproof, soak proof, can be stuffed with extra absorbency, easy to clean, and grows with your child from newborn to much much larger. AIO’s are a fabulous investment, and this is coming from a mommy who had two Littles in Cloth diapers for a very long time.


Boy Diaper Choice!

There is nothing cuter than a baby butt in some adorable fluff, and seeing so many headlines lately of little ones who have gotten terrible chemical burns or other issues from the paper diapers, ร‚ย BumStoppers cloth diaper giveaway comes at a fantastic time!


Girl Diaper Choice!!

As it is also a small, home-based business, with an owner and creator who has her own children at home that she is trying to keep clothed and fed, I hope you will also support her with your business this Christmas season!


Are you ready? GO!

Blessings to you and yours,

Merry Christmas!


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