Ah the joy of Christmas.

The lights, the laughter, the smell of hot cocoa filling the air.
That first sniff of tinsel as it comes out of its wrapping, and the sparkle and joy that comes along with this holiday.


I have a wonderful time every year on this day setting up the tree with my children, seeing their wonder and delight as they fill up a lighted tree with all sorts of Christmas ornaments and glittering strands of tinsel.
It really is a wonderful time.

But the reason we love and celebrate Christmas in our house has little to do with a tree, or lights, or stockings hanging from our 100 year old staircase.
It has everything to do with a little baby, and a young mother giving birth in a stable. Everything to do with shepherds having their wits shaken a little bit by a heavenly chorus, and rushing to see the long-awaited Messiah who was born and laid in a manger filled with food for a cow or donkey.
That humble night changed the world, and rewrote our history.

Filling our lives with shining light in more ways than one, the birth of Jesus is what we celebrate.

December2012 038

So today, I am thrilled to start out our wonderful HomeSpun Celebration with a contribution from a dear friend Karina, who has created a beautiful picture tutorial of an Advent Wreath, how to make it, and how to use it to remember the REAL reason that we celebrate this beautiful holiday…..

Head over there to see it and start your holiday off on the right foot this year. 🙂

Advent - First Sunday

Come back again tomorrow as we start our awesome small business supports with an amazing and adorable giveaway by Stitchin’ Through The Ages! I promise, you do NOT want to miss it, because there are going to be epic pictures, and EVERYONE has a chance to enter at least once!

May this season bring peace, joy, and Christ to your heart,
Blessings to you and yours,
PicMonkey Collage