It has. It has been ONE week.

What is happening in your household?

Have you seen any disruptions in things you are used to and use a lot?

We had a hard time finding the all purpose flour the other day and substituted some whole wheat flour in a recipe we had not tried before. It actually turned out awesome since I added a little extra baking powder to it. We will make it that way from now on because of the pleasant surprise.

And we are now on powdered milk and canned cheese, which is fine since we only use milk for cereal and baking…with two Littles who have some sensitivities to it, we do not have the issues another family would have that are heavy milk drinkers.

I have not been feeling well the last couple days, so we have been relying on simple meals with the crockpot, or things like Sandwiches made from PB and homemade jelly. My Handy Hubby is finishing up a 14 day stretch at work, and I am looking forward to having him around this weekend so that I can accomplish a little more. My oldest daughter is turning into an amazing cook, and I am very proud of her. She can make some mean Coconut Chicken curry at 14, and her Macaroni and Cheese is to die for. Super glad to have her loving what she does, and watch her grow.

We are halfway through the challenge and next week will either be the make or break for most of you. 😀 I hope you are learning a lot about your food usage and what works for your family.



PS—what has been your favorite meal completely from your pantry this challenge?

Meal Plans for this week:


Breakfast: Eggbake in the crockpot

Grease your crockpot well. Use all stale bread up and cube up enough bread to fill crockpot halfway through. Mix in seasonings of your choice (I love to use sage, thyme and salt/pepper). You can make it straight egg or add sausage, whatever will fill the family’s tummies. I always add onion, pepper if I have some, often zucchini or another veggie, and then pour the eggs over the top and push everything into the egg mix. Good ratio for the egg mix is 3/4 egg. and 1/4 milk. Put lid on and set to low. Takes about four-six hours to cook.

Lunch: Peanut Butter and Dandelion Jelly Sandwiches

Dinner: Pan fried Pork chops, salad from garden, and Chocolate chip cake from a Master Mix


Breakfast: Peach Cinnamon Scones

Lunch: Chicken Salsa Sandwiches from Crockpot (take rolls, and put this mixture on them: 1 pint drained shredded chicken, 1 cup salsa, 1 cup crumbled cheese, salt and pepper to taste., then wrap each sandwich in foil and put into the crockpot on low for a couple hours. By lunch they will be melty awesome goodness.

Dinner: Stuffed Peppers (our bag of Peppers is starting to go bad so it is time to get them used up!). We often use our enchilada filling (which we have a little extra from earlier in the week left!) to stuff them.


Breakfast: Fresh fruit and toast.

Lunch: Corned Beef, Cheese and Onion roll up

Since Saturday is my baking day, I always set aside a little bread dough to make into one of these for lunch or later in the week. Roll one loaf of bread dough out into a rectangle. I slather with mayo and mustard, then top with various toppings. In this variation, I use one pint drained and shredded corned beef, pan roast some onion slices (One large onion), and top with canned shredded cheese. Carefully roll this up starting with the short side, then pinch the seam and ends closed. Prick with a fork so it does not explode, allow it to rise for about an hour, and then bake for a meal. I cut it into slices, and it feeds my family for a full dinner and another lunch. 😀

Dinner: Veggie pizza

If you have not tried our pizza variations, I would encourage you to check them out. Saturday night is always our pizza night. And a LOT of awesome little leftovers can be made into pizza that rocks and your kids will love. 😀 If you have something they might object to, puree it up into the sauce and they will never know it is there. 😀 Sneak mom trick, I know, but it works like a charm.