Yep. Its harvest time again.

The fields have gone from dark and dead to large parcels of combed earth….very much reminding me of how the Handy Hubby’s hair looks in contrast to when he gets up vs when he leaves for work in an hour or so.

Nice orderly combed rows where the combine has threshed the field….all before they till it up and let it rest for the winter.

The cornstalks, still waiting to be harvested, rustle in the wind. Its a restful sound, one I don’t mind going out of my way on my daily walk to listen to. Its almost like the entire world this time of year is whispering its goodbyes to summer, and telling each other there is a time of rest, then it all begins again.



Meanwhile at  home I am knee deep in processing apples, harried in mind thinking about the many things coming out of the garden in a couple days and wondering if I have enough jars for everything since we are still between two houses in a sense. Jars here. Jars there. (yes, Jars everywhere).

But I have to remind myself to stop. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the peace and calm that comes with this time of year. Pantries are full. Leaves are falling gracefully and coloring the walking path. Grasses are tall and waving in the wind, giving the South Dakota prairie a soft look, like a pastel painting that has been smudged with a whisp of paper.

It wont be here for long.

Soon the tempestous winter winds will begin to blow, and the cold late fall rains will last against the windows, reminding us how wonderful those winter sweaters buried in the bottom of our closets used to be. Soon all the wildlife will be heading south or burying themselves deep in their nests, and the landscape will become empty of all the little creatures we are used to seeing and hearing. Soon we will have blizzards of snow flying sideways, and weeks of wondering when we will be able to get out of doors up here in South Dakota.

So this time of year always reminds me…

Slow down. Life happens outside your windows, and nothing is more important than enjoying it. Life is made up of moments like these, not jars of applesauce, or salsa, or soups for winter. Those things are important too, but dont lose your perspective of which is the more fleeting of the two.

And then, I take my kids outside and listen for the corn stalks, and watch the leaves.

What about you? What it is about this time of year that you enjoy the most?

Blessings to you and yours.

~Heather <3