You know me……….not only do I have a rabid tenacity about supporting small businesses, as a small business owner I really love telling others about businesses I have found that make a quality product, and support a family while they do it.

Today, in honor of Labor Day, when most of us are out celebrating the fact we have a specific day off…..I chose instead to highlight a small business that has really had an impact on our family.

Since our oldest daughter went through some terrible, horrible, no-good-very-bad stuff back this Spring, we were blessed time and time again by gifts from folks all over the nation who heard about her #BandanasforAnna Challenge. Sweet and thoughtful notes, pictures, bandanas, so MANY awesome gifts, came pouring in and kept a sweet 14 year old smiling and thanking God for people through her pain.

She had a favorite gift though, and I am incredibly blessed, and moved to be able to share not only the gift, but the company and creator’s business with you today. After watching her work over the last couple months I have to tell you, I can simply not imagine her NOT being able to create anything you imagine.

My oldest daughter is totally enamored of super heroes at this point in time, and Michelle Henson, creator and owner of GreyBriar Hollow Creations, came up with a totally amazing, and totally loveable way to bring those superheros to my daughter while she walked through one of the darkest and challenging times of her life. Not only did she bless her with an entire set of handmade Amigurumi superheroes, complete with their little icon items, such as Thor with his hammer…..She created a superhero just for my daughter named Vapor…using her color and superhero power choices.


To say that this blessed my daughter would totally be an understatement.

All you have to do is look at her face.

Anna and her peeps

Now that life is somewhat slowing down for us, I took the opportunity of contacting Michelle and asking her if she would do me the honor of being my “Featured Small Business of the month” for September. After all, we all know something is coming up very soon, and gifts are something that is needed. Supporting her small business feeds six small children, and keeps a family warm in the long cold winters of Maine. See if you can find something to choose, or contact her for special order items. Her items are very unique, and incredibly well made.

I asked her some basic questions so you can get to know her, and here were her answers:

Heather: Michelle, how long have you been doing this for a business?

Michelle: I have been crocheting for almost 4 years now. I started when I was pregnant with my son making baby blankets and hats, and soon moved on to toys. I am so thankful for the patterns I pulled off the internet that did not have a skill level on them. I learned to make toys in the style of amigurumi before I realized they are actually considered to be an advanced crochet technique. Had I know that when I started I might have been too intimidated to try!

hat GB HOllow

Heather: What inspired you to start this home-based business?

Michelle: Many friends and family members were already contacting me to order things and they suggested that I start a business page so that they could refer others and show them the things that I was making. I have also been inspired to work at this to help fund a couple of projects for our family.

hast GB Hollow

Heather: How would you describe your ideal customer?

Michelle: My ideal customer is someone who comes to me looking for something they haven’t been able to find somewhere else. I love the challenge of creating custom orders just for you. I always say, if you can dream it, I can make it! ( and Holy Buckets, SHE CAN!!!)

MLP GB Hollow

Heather:  What makes your business stand out from others?

Michelle:  My business stands out for several reasons. The quality of my work is something I am often complimented on. Also, my ability to translate my customers ideas into yarn is not something many people are willing and/or able to do. Also, as a mom with 6 kids, I try to keep my prices affordable because I know how important hand-made is for me and yet I know that with a large family, sometimes I am restricted by my finances. I want my toys and wearables to be accessible to everyone.

slipper GB Hollow

Heather: What is your favorite product to make that you sell?

Michelle:  It is so hard to pick one favorite! Many times I don’t ever make the same thing twice. My absolute favorite things to make are the one of a kind custom orders, but of the items that I make regularly- dragons. I make a really cool dragon hat and awesome little dragon toys. But honestly, my favorite creations are the ones I haven’t had a chance to make yet.

TMNT GB Hollow

Heather: And, as always, people want to know how to order from you or see more of your work. How can we connect them to either of those places?

Michelle: I can always be contacted via the Facebook Greybriar Hollow page  and via the Greybriar Hollow Etsy shop. I love custom orders and welcome you to stop by with YOUR ideas!

From suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cute hats and kids wearables, to toys straight from your imagination, we are thrilled to feature Michelle and her GreyBriar Hollow Creations this September. Please consider supporting her business and her family through purchases for you and your loved ones for this month! Her link will also be featured on our blog throughout the month of September for easy finding and support.

Support Small Businesses. They are your neighbors, your friends, and sometimes even your family. When you support them, you continue a strong American tradition of keeping income and families going, as well as an amazingly great product going as well. 

Blessings to you and yours