I always wanted my own minions.


If you have children or grandchildren, I am pretty sure you have seen or heard of Despicable Me, one of the funniest and best one-liner kids’ movies of the last couple of years.

My children love it, quote it, will watch it five times in a row, AND both the Handy Hubby and I will plop on the couch and watch it right along with them.

So OF COURSE when Kim, of  Stitchin’ Through the Ages, became both a partner of our business, and wanted to participate in our HomeSpun Christmas Celebration, I knew I had to get my kids some of these hats.

Here are the results from last night:


Its so hard to keep your eyes closed for a long time at 3  years old, right?




Happy Happy Girls, who ended up going to bed in their hats, which came off after they were asleep.

Kim does a fantastic job, and has so many many styles that everyone can find something that they love! And she is giving away TWO MINION HATS TO THE WINNER OF THIS GIVEAWAY, which concludes on Monday morning.

Here was her short interview that we conducted as part of the giveaway

Question: Kim, How long have you been doing this?

Answer: How long have I had the business? Stitchin has been lurking in the back of my mind for years now but I really didnt put much effort into it until this last year.  I needed to find something to do to occupy my hands as well as provide some sort of income. But I had to find something that I could do at anytime and anywhere.

Question: Why did you choose this as a business?  
Answer: I’ve been a crocheter for 30 years now and I have made everything! Gifts for friends and family especially. But I have been asked to finish up a project someone had trouble with (the pattern was written so very wrong!) and ended up actually rewriting the pattern. They were happier with what I had designed and completed for them. Several family members kept saying I should crochet as my own business, so here I am! Let me tell you, I am LOVING every single stitch!
Question: How long does it take me to do one of my projects?
Answer: If I am making a hat for a young child, 2 to 3 hours. If the hat is for an adult, it does take longer. Usually there are more details in adult hats and as they say “the devil’s in the details”! LOL  Usually the more detailed a hat or other project determines the amount of time spent. On BlackFriday, I spent almost 4 hours just creating a Tigger hat. I had no pattern to work from and ended up designing my own. I designed and created a Pooh Bear hat as well, that only took 3 hours so it wasn’t super hard or time consuming.
If I make an afghan, I can take up to  two weeks, depending on the pattern. I am still working on a massive Stained Glass Afghan that I started over a year ago. THAT is one difficult pattern!
stained glass afghan
Question: Do I do craft fairs as well as the online business?
Answer: Definitely. There is still the need to get out and see the product that a lot of shoppers still aim for. What better way to “see” a quality product than to FEEL it under your fingers. I have noticed that quite often lately that the craft in the shows are being pushed to the back of the halls and shoppers are overwhelmed by all the vendors clustered around the front. Sure, Watkins and Tupperware etc, have their places, but I feel a CRAFT show should be just crafts.
What am I offering for the giveaway? Two of my most popular selling hats! MINIONS! Everyone loves minions. The girls have pink bows and the boys have hair, and the winner can request one or two eyes as well. In childrens or adult (and yes, there are adults out there that want a minion hat!) Today I am working on the cute pink hat worn by Edith in Despicable Me. Sure, she is a tomboy but she is never seen without that hat. So those will be available soon!
Question: What are your passions in life? Hmmm. Crocheting? LOL  Cooking and shopping! If only I could be paid to cook and shop for people, I think I would be doing that.  Oh and updating the training on my service dog Sadie! Just a shout out here… standard Schnauzers ROCK! (over 12 and under 17 inches high at the shoulder).

 You can visit Kim’s store right here by clicking this link:

Stitchin’ Through the Ages

And now to enter the giveaway: More entries for sharing, connecting, commenting etc, just like always! But everyone gets one free just for reading and participating!

Good luck! Giveaway will be closed on Monday morning, and winner announced immediately!

Blessings to you and yours,


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