Its  Thursday and you all know what THAT means! It means that a wonderful line up of awesome blog posts are going to be posted here this week that we are blessed to read through and choose what really appeals to us that week! I had a wonderful time reading through posts this last week, and had a hard time choosing. If you are wondering if it really is as easy as we make it look, then you need to know it is a challenge each and every week! We are blessed to be able to open up our blogs and see the many different submissions, as well as know we are giving you great exposure by pinning your posts all over again on Pinterest! What fun!


This week the post that I chose was from Home on Deranged, how Super Toddlers turn their parents into Super Villians. 🙂 I laughed my way through the posts, smiled at the areas I could totally (that should be in capital letters, hang on , repeat) TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, and enjoyed the conclusion. I would greatly encourage you to read it this week as you have a little time, and if you have LITTLES, I would encourage you to read it and laugh, because each one of those super villians is in your future. 🙂

I can not wait to see what gets linked or posted this week, and am looking forward to sharing everything with the other blogs on Pinterest! Are you ready to join us?


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