Good morning sweet friends.

As I sit here this morning, cup of coffee in hand, listening to my little girls chatter about who is faster at flash cards than the other twin, I wanted to share with you what is on my heart today.

We chain ourselves with guilt and keep ourselves from doing what the Lord tells us to do…living in today because it has enough troubles of its own. 

Admittedly this has definitely been the hardest lesson I have learned over the last two years…much of it spent on the couch watching life go on around me while unable to participate. I have never been a person able to sit and just BE…until I simply had no choice. A hard lesson..but in that lesson, I have learned that who I am is a person who spent a lot of time living in what SHOULD have been rather than focusing on what IS…and being thankful for where I am.

Do you struggle with that too? Do you waste time thinking things could have…or should have…been different….or things you COULD have done to change the result of where you are now?

For me…I have had plenty of time to think. Not my most favorite thing, if you know me well. 😀 Mainly because it often leads this busy mind down paths it does not need to go. For many years I have envied those friends who seem to just be able to shake off their mistakes and move on, not giving it much thought at all. I realized it really does have a lot to do with what you ALLOW yourself to think of….what you allow yourself to dwell on.

And frankly, I decided that I was not going to spend this new decade wasting it the same way I had wasted a good part of the decade before. 😀 Or the one before that.

If a good friend were to sit down with you and over a cup of coffee ask you what you were having a hard time letting go of…what would you name? Over the years I have learned many women have a laundry list. And we don’t share it because inside we still feel guilty things didn’t end differently, or we carry the guilt that we could have changed things. We are willing to trade living in today with all its challenges, with the guilt of living in yesterday, where things are unchangeable.

My friends…. it is time to let that guilt go. We need to set that laundry list down…and let it gather dust. We need to focus our energies on today…and release yesterday. 😀

Just the thoughts of my heart this morning. I pray it is what you needed to hear too…someone to give you the permission to just lay it down..and move past it.That everyone makes mistakes…and believe it or not…those mistakes may have been the thing that brought you some good things in your life. And until we are willing to stand back and let the guilt go…we won’t see that.

Blessings to you and yours,


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