What a week it has been.
I am tired.
I am sad.
I am struggling.
You know me, dear readers. When I drop off the face of the earth for a couple days it is because life has swept me up in a crazy dance or something else has consumed my time for a bit.
My oldest daughter is very sick, struggling with a virus that she picked up on Sunday
and has been weak from for a couple days.
August2012 029
Monday we got a call that the neurosurgeon up in the Cities wants her in his office within a week.
Normally it takes at least three months to get her in.
So to say we were surprised would not be exaggerating.
Tuesday she started to have “episodes” where she would lose color, stagger, and fall, or stumble into something and hold onto for dear life like she was trying to keep from drowning.
Today we took her into the doctor’s office because I was concerned with what symptoms she was showing, even while reassuring myself that it was probably tinnitis or she had an ear infection, etc, which was affecting her balance.
No answers except for two possibilities.
Or Seizures.
Since she gets a workup on Monday, we are hanging on until then. Meanwhile she is not doing school, resting as much as possible, pushing fluids, and (breaking her heart) skipping youth group and dance lessons tomorrow.
Its hard to watch my kid go through this, because she is one determined, vivacious young lady with a heart of gold. And falling to the floor in a thrift store with an older lady helping her up is not her idea of “staying cool” like a teenager should. Being prayed for as all the other kids file out of their groups on Wednesday does not fit her image of “looking in control of things”. She is really having a tough time, but with encouragement and prayer she is doing a little better.
So forgive me readers. Life on this side of the computer requires my absolute attention
for a couple more days, and then I will be back.
Please keep praying for my Big Kid.
Blessings to you and yours,