You have seen this news story, right?

You know, the one talking about how terrible this new superbug H1N1 flu virus is, and how many folks have ended up in the hospital, and are terribly sick?

How it only takes 18 of the viral germs to get sick instead of the regular 100o with the standard flu?

It is no laughing matter, and certainly something to pay attention to and boost your immune system as much as possible!!!! So I am happy today is the very first Wellness Wednesday of the year, and to be able to give you this recipe!

I wanted to share with you something we have been doing around our house very recently, that I can certainly attest to as shortening colds and flu-symptoms. I noticed immediately a difference in my kids sniffles and the duration of the flu-like virus that passed through here around the middle of December. I also noticed that I had been taking this simple syrup longer than the rest of family (after all, I am the guinea pig first, each and every time), and my illness lasted less than a day, while everyone else was struggling for three or four.

elderberry five

Frankly, it works. It may not keep you from getting sick, but I can tell you, it most certainly is going to help with the duration of it.

Elderberry  and Garlic are well known for their germ fighting abilities, Cinnamon boosts your blood flow and helps cleanse blood from toxins, Ginger is a potent bacterial fighter, and Honey is what not only makes everything taste good, but also helps your immune system stand strong in the face of an onslaught of a nasty virus or bacteria.

elderberry one

Take 1 Tbs of this daily if you are over 12, and 1 tsp of this daily if you are under 12. Babies under a year should not have it due to the honey mixed in. Take it during the week and give your body a break during the weekend.

If you feel the flu or other nasties coming on, take your daily dose every 3 hours until the symptoms are relieved. You can find links below on the efficiency and powerhouse potency behind Elderberries.

You can purchase Elderberries Here, which ends up also, in a small way, supporting our family as an affiliate link. They also carry everything listed in the recipe except the honey.

May you Be Safe and Blessed this coming New Year!


Elderberry Recipe

To make: Add all ingredients but Honey into a non-reactive pan.

Heat to a boil, and turn down, then simmer for 45 minutes.

elderberry fjuice

Strain out all debris and allow liquid to cool.

elderberry four

Stir in honey until completely dissolved.

Bottle and place in fridge. If you have a very cold, dark place, this can also be stored there for a couple months. Keeps very well in either place for up to three months. Makes around 2 1/2 cups syrup.

elderberry five

Use for five days, then take two days off to give your body a chance to remain effective and renewing itself.

Here is the image of the Label I used for mine, please feel free to copy/paste/print it. πŸ™‚

elderberry syrup printable

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