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AS I shared with you in Monday’s Post I want this week to be a celebration of all the fun things that make life exciting—and to a child, life is just plain exciting!

So for those of you who have children (or are kids at heart, like I am) then this post is for you! Once a month we are going to be doing “Pin-Tastic Tuesday” and sharing my favorite ideas I have seen for the month on whatever subject I choose! This month I chose the subject of fun things for kids to do during the summer, because it is the perfect time of year for fun ideas! There are so many wonderful and fun ideas over there, that I know I will never accomplish them all, but all the same,  

some are fun and easy,
and that is what we are going for today!

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   The first idea that my kids are RAVING ABOUT, uses recycling at its finest for family entertainment! The blog Housing a Forest has amazing, simple, and fun ideas for kids that are also frugal, so be sure to browse around while you are over there! The idea my oldest and youngest are telling everyone about is called Rainbow Bubble Snakes:

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 The Welcoming House Clan are really good about going BIG on things, so you can imagine that I was not very surprised at all when the bottle that my Big Kid wanted to use to make this was a 2-liter soda bottle! LOL! And you know what, it was amazingly fun! This is seriously something we are going to be doing all summer long around here.

                    What fun would something like a 2-liter soda bottle Bubble

wand be without a
giant bubble recipe

                   you can make for pennies compared to buying a bottle of bubbles???

click here for the recipe

   This stuff works amazingly well. We actually tried it without leaving it to sit for an hour, and it just didnt do the job. However, let it sit, and seriously……that stuff makes me think that all those cartoons of someone floating away in a bubble might ACTUALLY be possible, because they last so long and are so strong! We will have to try them here in January when it is 30 below, and you can blow bubbles out your window to see them fall and shatter on the ground. Wouldnt it be cool if they bounced? Ah, the heart of a child sure can be fun!

   Or how about a fun activity for those older kids who love to make things that are marked as their VERY OWN??

   My Big Kid, who is 12, loved the idea of these mugs and how easy it was to make them. There are so many places that sell cheap mugs, like dollar stores, or big name stores, that for a couple bucks, and a package of colored sharpies, everyone can have their own special and fun mug. This is a really neat website as well, with lots of cool ideas for the crafty-spirited person or child! It requires sharpies, a blank mug, and a microwave…..while her tutorial shows using it for a wedding, kids dont need much of anything to go crazy and do their own thing……except for a parent to make sure the toddlers are using the sharpies to color on the walls, or the cat, or each other. Seriously. It happens.

click here for the fun link and let your imagination go wild!

  OK, now for parental and child interaction ideas that will leave an awful lot of parents wondering how they can incorporate this into their wardrobe. This next idea is wayyyyyy too much fun, especially for those creative-at-heart kids who love to do things on their own. We love to make our own shirts around here, and while some are a little more involved than others, this one can totally be done in the backyard with empty ice cream buckets, a little parental oversight, Elmer’s glue bottles, all of which means the mess is not in the house. Great for a summer day! She did a neat idea (saying she was not creative–ha!) by choosing her favorite poem (or song, I cant remember), and writing the words out in just plain handscript on her shirt before following the steps. I am thinking letting those kids draw crazy pictures, trace their hands, doodle all over the shirt, write a family saying or motto (ours was always: “We never say QUIT” as a kid–I really should ask about where that came from. We always have interesting stories behind things….crazy stories I should say! LOL). I thought it would be cool to even do my favorite psalm on there, but put my name in where it says YOU or CHILD, you know…..
So seriously, head on over and check this one out!

click here to head over there are check this awesome idea out!

   Ok, while we are talking about t-shirts, and sharpies, this is one seriously fabulous idea that can also be done outside on a picnic table, and ends up amazingly fun and cute—check this post out! You can find large sparkly iron-ons at just about any fabric or craft store, but if you want something that is just inexpensive, then find a shirt that already has something like this on at a thrift store and go to town. Also, while the pic shows a very girly top (which of COURSE appeals to the mom of three adorable girls) I can totally see some boys rockin’ this idea with greens and blues and browns. And it is so EASY to do……..I see a whole plethora (there’s my word again) of opportunities and outfits coming up for the Welcoming House Girls in the next year with this one—headbands….bags….perhaps shoes? Oh yes!

only a few ingredients for a summertime tee that stands out! Check it out!

  And what fun would summer be without being able to make a fun treat to sugar your kids up and send them whizzing around the yard? This recipe is simple, easy and so fun even a small child can do it with a little help! I dont often give my kids this kind of treat, so they would really be excited to see something like this show up on a picnic table –what fun would this idea be for a summer picnic with kids? Check it out!

Homemade Pixie sticks?? YES PLEASE! Click here for the fabulous blog idea!

   I could have posted about a zillion more, but the truth is, sometimes a girl only has so much time to look, and a lot less time to do—so I wanted to share ones my kids have or will be doing this summer. I promise, I will post pics for you to see when we get it done! Wouldn’t that be an awesome Almost Wordless Wednesday post! 🙂
Hope you had fun on this young at heart, kid-centered Pin-Tastic Tuesday! Be sure to let me know which simple and fun idea(s) you tried! Be sure and check back tomorrow for my end-of-June picture post. 🙂

Many Blessings to you and yours,