It isn’t often lately that I am fascinated by a new homesteading or self sufficiency idea, but lately there is one that has just captured my imagination and I feel is worth to pass on to the Handy Hubby.

The other day I was reading about alternatives to electricity and heating materials over on someone’s blog (I really wish I could remember where, but sadly, I don’t. If I find the original article, I will certainly update this post). Anyhow, among all the ideas was one suggested by a man for powering your vehicle in an emergency…and I had not honestly heard of the option before, called “woodgas”.

Well let me tell you, a few hours of looking into it and my mind is boggled by the possibilities of implementing something like this if gas were to become scarce or outrageously expensive. We have already seen such a rise in the last 6 years of the price of a barrel of oil, and it seems we are still dependent on other countries that don’t have much love for us in supplying our ever growing need for gas. I completely understand now why people used this alternative during WW2, and why there are whole websites devoted to talking about this resource that many of us probably have never heard of!

In the spirit of sharing something with you that lit my mind on fire, and can be a fascinating alternative for people if things just happen to get a little more sketchy (and gas becomes outrageously priced), I put these links here for you to check out. The video you can watch (and did I say how much this guy appeals to my Handy Hubby’s sense of “Uncommon Sense in Common People” philosophy?

So enjoy, and let me know what you think about it!

Blessings to you and yours, 

~Heather <3

this is the wonderful video ^^^. 😀

and this one is a great website where you can learn SO MUCH MORE as well as see other people putting the concept into action!