Its the start of a brand new month, and a brand new challenge, and to be honest, I am incredibly excited about doing this right by your side.

I intentionally picked an easy month for this challenge, because many people have gardens coming in, or food is available more inexpensively than during the winter months. I plan on doing a second one of these when winter hits, so be prepared for that challenge coming up after a few months of recovery from this one *Smile and wink*

For those of you who are new to the Welcoming House, we have been chatting about using a food pantry, and getting seriously about having a good stock on hand, for as long as this blog has had life breathed into it. Where we live, the rural prairies of Minnesota, you have to learn to be a lot more self sufficient than living in a town or city, because public resources are often interrupted or unavailable during winter months due to extremely harsh weather.

However, those are good things, and we have lost sight of being able to take care of ourselves instead of leaving it up to someone else, or a number of companies we rely too heavily on.

SO welcome to the challenge.

We started this morning with a simple breakfast of eggs and potatoes (canned) that had onions (garden) in them. As my friend has been selling us eggs from her farm for the summer, I have been stashing away eggs for the cold months by freezing them in ice cube trays. While we used fresh eggs for this morning, I am pretty sure we will be breaking into those eggs by the end of this challenge.

Lunch is also simple, just hummus and homemade tortilla chips, with a side of apple slices.

Dinner will be one of our favorite meals from food storage–-homemade mac and cheese with bacon pieces and onion in it. We also have a whole host of green beans from the garden that are going in as a side dish.

If you click on highlighted links, you will find recipes as they have been added to the site over the years. I will be giving out a list of this weekend’s meals, including a few new ones from food storage that I have adapted from favorites, tomorrow!

We are all in this together—if you are going to participate, then comment and let me know! I would love to dialogue with you through it and encourage you!

What do you have planned for your first day of eating straight out of food storage?
I would love to hear from you!
~Heather <3