Ah Spring. I am SO excited for SPRING to come and join us here on the cold prairies of Minnesota, how about you?


We have had a string of warm days this week, and we have spent as much time as possible out in them, soaking up the warmth, peeking at the garden,  and watching the natural world come to life.


But here on a homestead/’Burbstead we have to keep things going as well….getting everything and everyone ready for the rush just around the corner.

And that includes our rabbitry.


Last year was rough, as we had late cold snaps, and stressed mom bunnies from a broken window. We lost an entire litter, minus one, to the cold snap,, and had to help the poor mamma rabbit through her grief at losing her litter. She loved her lone baby so much, and so well that we ended up keeping her and adding her to our rabbitry as a breeder, not just because we wanted to expand, but because she was just the sweetest tempered, prettiest baby of the whole kit and kaboodle last year. In the cold country, we breed for strength and endurance of the cold temps, and she had proved she could handle that. So meet Honey, our newest NZ/ Champagne cross of the homestead. She’s a little camera shy, but a quick snap worked.

This year we have ramped up to full production, more than in years past, as my health continues to improve and I can take back more and more of what I love doing. I still need, and want, the help from all my girls and hubby as working together is part of the beauty of what we do….but I admit also secretly sneaking into the rabbitry and just spending some time talking to them, spoiling them, and resting in the quiet joy of being able to be there.


Lately we have had a lot more interest in how we raise rabbits, and I’m guessing its for multiple reasons. (Check our IG Stories today or our highlights tomorrow for our reasons on raising rabbits.) Many have watched the questionable issues happening with our food supplies and food chains, and wanting the self-sufficiency that comes with raising your own food.  In honor of those conversations and requests, we are launching a short series on the how-to’s of raising rabbits, which will be posted  to Pinterest and a few other places. We will also be linking everything down below for you to only need to bookmark one place!

See you tomorrow for our first installment!


Blessings to you and yours