Late Summer has come with all its rush to abundance.

Days are long and filled with sunlight.

And also filled with work.

Its that time of year where everything is rushing to be finished and completed before the cold months return and wipe their efforts away for another long winter.

Day to day the girls and I have been out in the garden, weeding, planting and watering.

Or out in the rabbitry working with our mamma bunnies, and keeping an eye on the little ones growing so fast we feel like we blink and they are grown.

I watch my once “littles” turning into gangly legged girls who love nothing more than climbing trees, and dancing in the sunshine…and inside I have this weird mix of joy and sadness…

I need to make time to love the little things.

The days when my girls tell me they are “extra-huggy, Mom”…and make a game of who can hug me the most.

Or the delight of their hearts when they find the first couple real zucchini hidden under those huge leaves….

The beauty of summer in unexpected places…like the potato patch when I am weeding for the tenth day in a row.


My once very little, very sick girl, who spent most of her life in the hospital as a young child, instead about to walk fully into womanhood as a grown adult…where has the time gone?

So many many things to be thankful for…..

Life is made of the little things.

We spend so much of our time and our lives waiting for the big moments, missing the most important ones because we are looking somewhere else.

I want to encourage you, don’t let the busyness of summer, or heading into Fall steal your attention and stop you from paying attention to those “little things”.

They will end up being the most important things of all…what life is really made of.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3