Good Monday morning to ya, Welcoming House readers!

As many of you know from our totally rocking series in January about learning skills that need to be remembered, around here at the real Welcoming House sewing is an important skill. I love being able to take some fabric and a few doodads and make my girls adorable clothing, fashion a warm blanket, repair everything from furniture to coats, and have some handy gifts ready at a moment’s notice.

But by far my favorite part of sewing is taking fabric and turning it into something absolutely beautiful that is durable and appreciated. Like this:

4 Dresses with One Pattern from CKC

The other day I realized that my girls had outgrown their clothes, and needed some new ones! They grow like weeds every month, and I have been thankful with my “new reality” that I can take a little time and pull together some fun outfits for them. It is even better when I can find a quick simple pattern and create clothes for them that are going to last and can be layered with heavier items to keep them warm through the slowly warming days of Spring, and breezy summer days here on the South Dakota Prairie.

A friend linked me to this totally awesome, super easy pattern website that has great simple patterns for kids clothing. Since my girls are at that stage where they INSIST on dresses and we have to pair leggings and little sweaters with them any time of year, I was amazed that I could create such versatility with a single pattern.

The pattern I chose gives you the option for doing three different lengths of sleeves, and using from one up to eight fabrics to create a dress. I found this intriguing simply because lets say you are in a place where you can not afford new fabrics, but have plenty of pieces of older fabric that still has a lot of use out of it and can be repurposed…but you just dont have enough for one whole dress. I split one of the girls’ set of dresses into two different fabrics, and they turned out adorable.

Strip work dress from CKC

I also found that by adding or subtracting fun pockets, changing how I finished off the sleeves, if I added a layer of lace to the skirt, or a band around the middle, it totally changed the look of the dress. As you can tell by the pics, my daughters absolutely loved each one, and how they were “twirly”.

Adding pockets to versatile dress pattern

Best of all, using this pattern to make eight dresses gave me a fabulous way to finish off my ideas for creating a long sleeve nightgown pattern based off of my very popular Pillowcase Nightgown idea that I debuted two years ago. That will be coming up later this summer when it is time to start thinking about cooler weather and breezy fall days! For now, lets enjoy summer and twirly dresses on twirly girls!

birthday dresses rock

Long story short, whether you are a beginning sewer or an experienced one, you simply can not go wrong with these fun patterns. If you can print one piece of paper (or wing it from the pics) and simply measure out a lot of blocks and rectangles, then you will find their patterns fun and easy to work with.

Simple and Sweet Dress for Toddler

Blessings to you,

Heather <3

PS—just so you know, I am not in any way affiliated with the folks who create these patterns. I just happen to love to pass on a good word for well made things or products when I run across them, and I am very very happy with this one. I hope you check them out, and let them know that Heather at The Welcoming House Blog sent ya. <3